Reflections on the Day

Reflections on the Day – February 5, 2008


Reflections on the Day for February 5, 2008.
The clouds moved back in today.  It is cold and damp feeling.

Plans for tomorrow – Little Flowers then lunch with a friend.  The day is basically gone at that point.

I am wearing – Can I get into my jammas yet?

I am feeling – Really tired.  I spent a good part of the day at dad’s doing the books.  The children brought their school work with them and then we went to the library.

I am hearing – The children are cleaning up the kitchen.  I will have to go in a see how they did in a few minutes.

I am thankful for – My heated mattress pad.

In prayer – Kyle while he is traveling and Granny.

The Children:

Ashley – Her phone is back and working again.
Rachel – I feel badly because it has been too long since she had a home visit.
Christopher – Is doing really well with the dishes.
Hannah – Can pout like no one I have ever seen before.  The funny thing is that when you clue her in on how ridiculous she is being she starts to laugh.
Joshua – Has been in “BOY!” form today.  Jumping, running, bashing, talking in the fake baritone voice.
Is just being a sweet little thing.  Last night I had her on my lap and told her “You are such a precious little thing”  she smiled and said “Yep, I’m a press us little ting”.  So cute.

The Homefires:

Kitchen – We had Sweeidsh meatballs for dinner.
Craft-room – The First communion dress project is coming along.  I am almost done with the embroidery and then I will post the next installment. Still.
Music – I love listening to jazz while I do the books.
Lucky Room of the Day – The kitchen.

My pleasant thought for the Day –

“Neither do I decry the work of humanists, who give gladly of themselves for others and who can often shame the avowedly religious. Those who do God’s work are God’s people.

I only say that there are limits to humanism and beyond those limits God and only God can work. The phrase “fear of God” conjures up the vengeful God of parts of the Old Testament. But “fear of God” means really obedience to God; humility before God; acceptance through God that there is something bigger, better and more important than you. It is that humbling of man’s vanity, that stirring of conscience through God’s prompting, that recognition of our limitations, that faith alone can bestow.

We can perform acts of mercy, but only God can lend them dignity. We can forgive, but only God forgives completely in the full knowledge of our sin.

And only through God comes grace; and it is God’s grace that is unique.

John Newton, who had been that most obnoxious of things, a slave-trader, wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace”.

“Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear. And Grace, my fears relieved.”

It is through faith, by the Grace of God, that we have the courage to live as we should and die as we must. ” ~ Tony Blair

A picture worth a thousand words –

A very sleepy girl

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