My Rachel

Autism has been one of the most important forces shaping my life.   It is also something I have written about on many occasions. 

Autism and being Catholic:
Thank you –  Two simple words can mean so much when said in the right way.  Rachel tells us yet again how much she needs Jesus.
A New Creation in Christ – the Divine Mercy chaplet brought me immeasurable comfort when Rachel had one massive seizure.
Autism and Catholic Life
Can my autistic child receive communion?

Our autism stories:
A Note from the Edge of the World – this was written in 2004 just as we were beginning to come to terms with the fact that Rachel would eventually have to be in a residential placement.
Life Like a String Pulled Taunt– The first time we started looking seriously into residential placement was frustrating and left us very fearful of what the process would entail.  But we were able to make some connections which ended up helping us.  
 A New Creation in Christ – the Divine Mercy chaplet brought me immeasurable comfort when Rachel had one massive seizure.
The Rest of the Story – hitting bottom and finding a way back out.  Once we made the choice to place Rachel in a residential setting things started working out.  Then end result was even better than we had dared to hope.
Autism hope and despair and everything in between
Autism Part Two
Quite Voices – If you are the parent of an autistic teen with behaviorial issues you aren’t alone. 

The Adam Race Story:
Project Adam’s Pew
A Quick Update
About Carol Race from someone who knows her.

“I can’t discipline him out of his autism”

One thought on “Autism

  1. Hi, I just read your comment about residential placement. We have 2 adult sons with autism. One lives with us and the other lives next door with 24/7 caregivers. We have visited residential settings here in Hawaii as well as California and none are what we would like for our sons. My sons are non-verbal and unable to care for themselves. We established a waiver provider agency and have caregivers care for Keith who lives next door. If you are interested in placement for your child in the near or distant future and you are hesitant about residential placements, you might consider the route we took. Our agency provides personal assistance services to 50 clients and we do have clients living in apartments or elderly housings and out staff go to the home to assist as needed. Some clients are like our son who is unable to care for himself.

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