7 Quick takes with Jen

Ok, so it isn’t Friday, it is Saturday, but I really enjoyed doing this the last time I did it, but I keep forgetting it until Saturday.  Jen at Conversion Diary is the master of the day.  Here are my seven thoughts.


I keep thinking that we really, really need to pray for the president.  A change of hear is possible for anyone.  Maybe with prayer Pre Obama’s heart will be soften toward the unborn.   On the other hand I want to ask those Catholic people I know who were expressing before the election how this one issue shouldn’t count so heavily, “Why didn’t you listen?” .  Obama wasted no time undoing the Mexico City Policy and there is no reason to think he won’t do exactly what he promised Planned Parenthood he would do.


I laugh: “Liturgical dancing makes Baby Jesus cry… and my eyes bleed.”  Too funny.


I miss Kyle when he travels.


Go carts are a lot of fun.


Going to bed later and later and getting up at the same time in the morning isn’t working out that well.


The white carpet must go.


I will be posting more on the communion dress project tomorrow.

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