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Dump the Cereal

Clavin loves his Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and my kids are fond of similar such breakfast treats, but the health and expense of  children’s breakfast cereals is questionable and has bothered me for a while. 


 I will admit my lazy side was unwilling to fight the inevitable battle that would rage and quite frankly it was just too easy to pull the bag off the shelf, dump the cereal in a bowl and be done with breakfast.

Well, thanks to an extended snow storm back in December we made the huge jump to breakfasts without boxed(or bagged) cereal.  We have had oatmeal, french toast, coffee cake, muffins all sorts of eggs and breakfast goodness.  It was a little bit a hurdle the first week or so.  But I found that getting breakfast cooked and on the table wasn’t as onerous a task as I thought it might be. 

The kids like the new breakfast plan better than I imagined they would.  Of course I have had a couple requests for cereal, but overall they seem to be happier.  Now I am not deluding myself into thinking that pancakes have much more nutritional value than cold cereal – but since we are out of the cereal habit we are having more eggs, toast and juice and fewer chocolate frosted sugar bomb days — which feels like a great victory.

You can (as always) see more of the Works for me Wednesday ideas at Rocks in my Dryer.

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The First Communion dress project – prt 3

This is part three of the first communion dress project… also known as “how to recycle your wedding dress”

You can check out the first and second installments of this project.

I created some piping:


Then I started sewing.  At this point I am following the instructions in the pattern.

Here is the first seam:


I zig-zagged the edge to keep it from fraying.

As I mentioned in my last segment I have purchased satin for the sides and sleeves.  You can see the two fabrics here:


There is just an ever so slight difference.  I am still not really stressing of it, so far it looks fine to me.

One thing that I have been concerned over is the embroidery getting clipped in the new seams.  You can see this happening here:


In addition to the weird shading thing my flash on my camera is doing you can see where the embroidery is caught in the seam.

To fix this I am embroidering over the seam, recreating the flowers that are sewn through.


Part four – the zipper (eeeek!)

Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – January 26, 2009

The Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by
Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : January 22, 2008
It is bitterly cold today.  I had a meeting with Fr Antony this morning. Ashley is off for a teacher in service day. 

Outside my Window –   The sun is shinning, the sky is blue. and it is absolutely bitter cold.  I saw a crow this morning playing on the wind, other than that  everything seems to be hiding out.  Crows are such contrary birds, figures one lone one would be the one to tough it out today.

I am thinking –   I really, really need to start dinner. 

From the learning rooms – Today I am thinking about including more liturgy into our daily routine. 

I am thankful for-  A competent teen.

From the kitchen – Chili for dinner.

I am wearing – Brown pants and my favorite velvet top.

I am reading – On Basilisk Station — still.

I am hoping –  That I get to pulling up the horrible, evil, once-upon-a-time was white, carpet up this week.  Didn’t get to it last week, but there is hope for this week.  *laugh* and this is the same again this week.

I am creating –  Hannah’s first communion dress.  I am using my wedding dress and you can see the progress so far.

I am hearing –  Hannah practice the apostle’s creed.

Around the house –The children are getting ready to go to CCD and enrichment.

One of my favorite things –  My new phone.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week –  More sewing, more lesson plans, and planting herb seeds.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you – 

My little Scout
My little Scout

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The First Communion dress project – prt 2


This is the second post documenting the great “First Communion Dress Project”.   I am sewing my daughter’s first Communion dress using my wedding dress.

You can see the first part of the project here.

I ended the last section having cut out the front and front side pieces.  In order to have enough of the wedding dress left to make on more first communion dress (for Sarah) I decided to use the embroidered front of the wedding dress for the front of the communion dress and the sides of the wedding dress for the back.  Since I needed extra white satin this keeps the different fabrics symmetrically placed on the dress.

In theory it would have been best to move the seem for the back side to match the way I did for the front, but this would have made a very akward cut in the embrodery of the panel I was using.  We will see how this works… I am hopeful it will be fine.

The lining ready to cut.
The lining ready to cut.

I cut the side-back and sleeves out of the new fabric and the back out of the dress side front.  Then I cut the lining out of new fabric.  I am reusing the netting from my dress for the communion dress.

The next step is creating the piping for the neck and sleeves.  You can see a nice tutorial here: How to cover cording to create your own piping.

To see more progress on the dress: Part 3

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Rich beyond measure

The Begas Family - Karl Joseph Begas
The Begas Family - Karl Joseph Begas

I came across this a while back by way of Danette .   An article from the Washington Post entitled “Three Kids? You Showoffs”.  As the title indicates it was indeed expressing the thought that having more than the typical two children is seen in some quarters as a status symbol, an aberrant indication of  conspicuous consumption.   I know if you are also the mother of a larger than normal family you probably are rolling your eyes thinking over the times where someone has looked at you in the grocery store as though you just crawled out of the closest ditch or even been bold enough to question your reason, morals or understanding of modern birth control. 

Reading the article is more or less an eye-popping excursion a new world as I find myself constantly wondering  “what planet do these people live on?”  The article speaks in a weird language I am only passingly familiar with, “Birkin bags”, “pieds-à-terre” and what the heck is “eco-decorating”?   Having been a nanny once upon a time I understand the lifestyle that accompanies certain social and career echelons.  I have my share of well-healed friends and my oldest goes to school with more than one designer-child.  But at the same time I find this a staggering example of the differences in our “classless” society.

After reading through the long explanationabout the money the wealthy shell out to hire their nannies, pay for private schools and hedge their bets with Harvard on esoteric sports and oboe lessons I had to take a moment to figure out if I wanted to laugh at their self importance or the futility of those things they felt so necessary.  I know several people who went to Harvard and only a few of them hailed from the “proper nursery school”  through elite prep school background.  So I question the motives that are under the “all the very best” for my little sugar-dumpling  mindset.  Having a third child in order to “show-off”, to add one more designer baby to the SUV is very foreign to me.  Even though I have six children I count my children as my wealth not as a way to display my wealth.

I really am trying to avoid any sort of value judgment here.  I don’t think that anyone has a baby just so that they can “show off”.  Which is part of what bothers me about the article.   As the author is preparing to have a third child it almost seems to be an explanation of why she is doing it.  “Please don’t think I am less “upper class” because I am having another baby, it is all the rage to have lots of children just look and Angelina Jolie.”   What is wrong about having a third (or eighth) baby because you just love having children, because a large family appeals to you, because there is more to life than expensive handbags and trips to the latest fashionable vacation spots? 

Nothing in my mind.  There certainly is no reason to justify having children by claiming that they are some odd status symbol.  Though I might use the “I just have a lot of children to show off how wealthy I am” line the next time someone quips “are they all yours?”

In Prayer

Mass intentions for President Obama and more

So much to write.

So many people are talking about prayer and the inauguration. 

Happy Catholic gives voice to the loyal opposition.

The Anchoress has thoughts on the atrocious idea of praying for Obama to fail.  While I understand the idea that we want Obama’s agenda of anti-life government control nanny-state-ism to fail we must be very careful to frame our prayers in the affirmative.  Protect innocent life, protect our liberties and freedom. 

I have posted earlier about groups praying the rosary for Obama. 

Elizabeth and Michael are sharing this wonderful video

And Barbara sent this out:

Please join us at Mass this Tuesday, January 20th, Inauguration Day, as we pray for our new president that he will have a conversion of heart and work to protect the dignity of all human life. All across the country and throughout the world, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is being offered for this intention. To date we have confirmed 393 Masses being offered in the US and thirteen other countries.

The roster below indicates all the Masses that we have logged to date for this intention. We believe there are many, many more that we are not aware of since this idea was advertised on blogs, on radio and in diocesan papers without contact information being given.

Here is what you can do:

1. Please check the roster below to locate the Mass closest to you. If no date is given it is assumed that the Mass is being offered on Jan. 20, however, I recommend that you double check with your parish to be sure. If there is not a Mass listed in your area, you might check your local church bulletins. (Some will list it as a Special Intention.) Please attend one of these Masses if at all possible and join your prayer with the priest’s and with the Mystical Body of Christ’s.

2. If there is no Mass in your area, you might attend the Tuesday Mass at your local parish and offer your personal Mass for this intention. At the moment of Consecration when Our Lord is closest to us is a good time to pray for this very special intention for the sake of the most vulnerable among us.

3. If you are unable to attend Mass, please join us by offering a Spiritual Communion.

An Act of Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are truly present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart.  I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

4. Please share this message with all the faithful Catholics you know and let our prayers resound to the heavens, that God may hear our prayer and have mercy on our nation.

I assume we will receive a few more Mass commitments tomorrow and will send out a final update on Tuesday—God willing.

It has been a joy working with each of you. I have met some wonderful people through this effort. It has been truly heartening to see such passion from both laity and clergy alike, for the sake of the unborn, the elderly, the terminally ill, and the handicapped. I hope each of you is encouraged as well.

In Christ’s love and service,


393 Masses in 50 States, Washington, DC; Vatican City; Rome, Italy; Fatima, Portugal; the Dominican Republic; Australia, Haiti; India; United Kingdom; Kenya; Djibouti; Israel; Ireland: and Canada.

Alabama (AL)
Gulf Shores, AL: retired priest (private Mass)
Orange Beach, AL: St. Thomas by the Sea (9 AM)

Alaska (AK)
Anchorage, AK: Holy Family Cathedral
Anchorage, AK: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s  (April 13)

Arizona (AZ)
Coolidge, AZ: St. James’

Arkansas (AR)
Cherokee Village, AR: St. Michael’s Church by Anne Kootz, Fr. Demets, FSSP
Hot Springs, AR: St. John the Baptist’s, Fr Alan Rosenau

California (CA) (13)
Los Altos, CA: Maryknoll priests’ residence (Private Mass) Fr. Marvin Deutsch, M.M
Los Altos, CA: Jesuit Retreat Center, Father George E. Schultze, SJ 
El Cajon, CA: St. Ephrem’s
Fortuna, CA: St. Joseph’s
Fullerton, CA: St. John Maron Maronite Church
Hawaiian Gardens, CA: St. Peter Chanel Church, Fr. Fernando Cuenca, OMV
Napa, CA: St. Thomas Aquinas (9:00 AM)
Newport, CA: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA: San Francisco Solano’s
San Bernadino, CA: Our Lady of the Assumption
Santa Paula, CA: TAC (St. Thomas Aquinas College), Fr. Rafftery
Tulare, CA: St Rita’s
Vina, CA: Abbey of New Clairvaux, Fr. Schwan, OCSO

Colorado (CO) (7)
Colorado Springs: St. Gabriel’s
Delta,CO: St. Michael’s
Denver, CO: Christ the King Seminary Chapel, Bishop Conley
Fort Collins CO: Blessed John XXXIII’s
Littleton, CO: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Littleton, CO: St. Frances Cabrini (Feb. 12)
Pueblo West, CO: St Pius X / St. Paul the Apostle by KC’s of Pueblo West

Connecticut (CT)
(2) West Hartford, CT: St. Thomas the Apostle’s (8 AM and Noon)

Delaware (DE)
Wilmington, DE: St. Hedwig’s (Fri. Jan. 16) Totus Tuus Family & Catholic Homeschool

Florida (FL) (8)
Brandon, FL: at Nativity (05/14/09)
Deltona, FL: Our Lady of the Lakes
Jenson Beach, FL: St. Martin de Porres’, Fr. Molgano
Orlando, FL: University of Central Florida–Catholic Campus Ministry
St Petersburg, FL: St. Raphael’s
Sebastian, FL: St. Sebastian’s (Jan. 23)
Seffner, FL: St. Francis of Assisi (May date TBA)
FL: Fr. George Restrepo

Georgia (GA)
Canton, GA: Our Lady of Lasalette’s

Hawaii (HI)
Honolulu, HI: Father Damien’s on Aliamanu Military Reservation

Idaho (ID) (4)
Boise, ID: St. Mark’s
Post Falls, ID: Immaculate Conception
Salmon, ID: St. Charles Borromeo (will pray at Communion Service on Jan. 21)
Fr. Sean, Fathers of Mercy

Illinois (IL) (6)
Alton, IL: St Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception (6:30 AM)
DeKalb, IL: Christ the Teacher Parish (12:05 PM), Northern Illinois University
Joliet, IL: St. Joseph’s, Fr. Andres O. Carm
Palatine, IL: St. Joseph’s Home (Little Sisters of the Poor @11 AM), Bishop Andrew McDonald (ret, Little Rock, AR)
Streator, IL: St. Anthony’s
Westmont, IL: Holy Trinity

Indiana (IN) (5)
Bloomington, IN: Franciscans of the Immaculate at Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center (6:30 AM) Fr. Joachim Mary Mudd, FI.
Montgomery, IN: St. Peter’s (Jan. 21)
Notre Dame, IN: Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Date TBA)
(2) Washington, IN: Our Lady of Hope (Jan. 18 @ 11 AM and Jan 20)

Iowa (IA)
Earlville, IA: St. Joseph’s, Fr. Tegeler (Private Mass)
Iowa City, IA: St. Mary’s
Sioux City, IA: Carmelite Monastery

Kansas (KS) (6)
Atchison, KS: Benedictine College (Noon) Fr. Miller, OSB
Concordia, KS: Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Jan. 22 @ 7:15 AM)
Dodge City, KS: Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Garden City, KS: St. Dominic’s
Topeka, KS: St. Joseph’s (Jan. 19 @ 6:30 AM-Special Intention)
Wichita, KS: Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Jan. 18-Special Intention)

Kentucky (KY) (5)
(2) Auburn, KY: Fathers of Mercy, Fr. Ben Cameron and Fr. Tony Stephens
Hopkinsville, KY: Sts. Peter & Paul
Morganfield, KY: St. Ann’s
Russellville, KY: Sacred Heart, Fr. Peter

Louisiana (LA) (4)
(2) Baton Rouge, LA: St. Alphonsus of Liguori (Jan. 13 & 20)
Hackberry, LA: St. Peter the Apostle’s (Jan. 19 at 6:15 PM) Fr. Tolentino
New Orleans, LA: Old St. Patrick’s (Noon)

Maine (ME)
Lewiston, ME: Fr. Roux @ 9 AM
Cape Elizabeth, ME: St. Bartholomew Parish
Sanford, ME: St. Therese of Lisieux Parish

Maryland (MD)
Baltimore, MD: St Jude Shrine
Rockville, MD: St. Mary’s (7 AM)

Massachusetts (MA) (4)
Lowell, MA: Fairhaven Nursing Home, Fr . Casey
Dracut, MA: St. Marguerite D’Youville, Fr . Casey
Millis, MA: St. Thomas the Apostle 
Milford, MA: Sacred Heart of Jesus
Nantucket, MA: St. Mary-Our Lady of the Isle Parish 

Michigan (MI) (12)
Ann Arbor, MI: Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
Canton, MI: St. John Neumann’s (9 AM)
Dearborn, MI: Sacred Heart (Jan. 23 @ 9 AM)
Dearborn Heights, MI: St. Sebastian’s (Jan. 19 @ 6:30 PM)
Detroit, MI: St. Aloysius’, Fr. Kratz
Lake Orion, MI: Guest House, Inc
Livonia, MI: St. Michael’s
Michigan City, MI: St. Stanislaus Kostka’a (7 AM), Father Walter Ciesla
St. Clair, MI: St. Mary’s
Troy MI: Elizabeth Ann Seton’s
Troy, MI: St Anastasias’ (7 AM)
Troy, MI: St Thomas Moore’s (9 AM)

Minnesota (MN) (46)
Alexandria, MN: St. Mary’s
(3) Albertville, MN: (Private Masses, week of Jan. 18), Fr. Peter Richards
Bayport, MN: St. Charles’
(2) Buffalo, MN: St. Francis Xavier ‘s (Jan. 15 and 22)
Canby, MN: St. Peter’s
Crookston, MN: Diocese of Crookston Chancery
Crookston, MN:  Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Crookston, MN: Villa St. Vincent
(2) Delano, MN: St. Mary of Czestochowa’s (Jan. 29 & Feb. 13)
Eden Valley, MN: Assumption (Jan. 22)
(2) Foreston, MN: Details unknown
Greenbush, MN: Blessed Sacrament
Hastings, MN: Regina  Hospital, Fr. Altier
Jordon, MN: St. Patrick’s (Fri. Jan. 16)
Milaca, MN: St Mary’s (Jan 20 @ 8:30 AM)
New Market, MI: St. Nicholas’ (Fri. Jan. 23 @ 8 AM)
Oak Grove, MN: St. Patrick’s
Plainview MN: Details unknown
Rochester, MN: Pax Christi
Rogers, MN: Mary Queen of Peace (Jan. Date TBA)
Savage, MN: St. John the Baptist (Date TBA)
(2) St. Bonifacius, MN: St. Boniface’s (March 3 & May 17) 
St. Bonifacius, MN: (Private Mass Jan. 19) Fr. Thomas Balluff
St. Cloud, MN: St. Anthony (5:15 PM)
(2) St. Michael, MN: St. Michael’s (Dates TBA in Feb.)
St. Paul, MN: St. Agnes’ (Date TBA)
South St. Paul, MN: Holy Trinity (Jan. 22) by Divine Mercy Prayer Group
(2) St Rosa, MN: St Rose of Lima (Jan 19 & 20, 8 AM), Fr Hoppe
Winona, MN: Cathedral of The Sacred Heart, Fr. Colletti
Winona, MN: Fr Ginther (retired) (Private Mass)
(3) Winona, MN: Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
(4) MN: Private Masses
MN: Fr. Brennan (retired priest-private Mass)

Mississippi (MS) (6)
Greenwood, MS: St. Francis of Assisi’s
Hernando, MS: Holy Spirit
Kiln, MS: by Annunciation Parish by the Annunciation Intercessors of the Lamb
Picayune, MS: St. Charles Borromeo by the Annunciation Intercessors of the Lamb
Southhaven, MS: Christ the King (Jan. 20, 21, & 26)
Walls, MS: Sacred Heart League

Missouri (MO) (8)
Chesterfield, MO: Ascension (Jan. 22 and 23)
Crestwood, MO: St. Elizabeth of Hungary
Excelsior Springs, MO: St. Ann’s
Kansas City, MO: Cathedral of the Immaculate (Jan. 21-Special Intention)
Kansas City, MO: Our Lady of Good Counsel, Msgr Blacet
Kansas City, MO: Fr. Brian Klingele
Palmyra, MO: St. Joseph Parish, Rev. Christopher Smith
St Louis, MO: St. Justin Martyr

Montana (MT) (6)
Baker MT: St. John the Evangelist’s, Fr. Tobin
Belt, MT- St. Mark’s
Columbus, MT – St. Mary’s
Great Falls, MT – Our Lady of Lourdes
Great Falls, MT – Blessed Sacrament
White Sulphur Springs, MT: St. Bartholomew’s

Nebraska (NE)
McCook, NE: St. Patrick Church (8:00 A.M. Elementary School Mass)
Omaha, NE: St. Margaret Mary’s
Schuyler NE: Benedictine Mission House, Father Volker

Nevada (NV)
Las Vegas, NV: Guardian Angel Cathedral (Feb. 10 @12:10)

New Hampshire (NH)
Jaffrey, NH: St. Patrick’s
Merrimack, NH, Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts (Noon)  by the student body.
Warner, NH: Magadalen College, Fr. Tumwekwase

New Jersey (NJ) (4)
Buena Borough, NJ: Queen of Angels Parish
Howell, NJ: St. Veronica’s
Medford, NJ: St. Mary of the Lake
Washington, NJ: National Blue Army Shrine of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

New Mexico (NM)
Roy, Mosquero, and Wagon Mound, NM: Fr. Imbarrato

New York (NY) (11)
Brooklyn, NY: All Saints’, Woodhull Hospital, Fr. Bertolotti
Hartsdale, NY: Mill Hill
Lackawanna, NY: Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity
Manorville, NY: Shrine of Our Lady of the Island, Fr. Tvrdik, SMM
Maryknoll, NY: Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers
NYC, NY: Capuchin Franciscans
NYC, NY: Church of Notre Dame (Jan. 19) Fr. Andrew Fornal
Niagara Falls, NY: St. Joseph’s
Staten Island, NY: Priests for Life
Tarrytown, NY: The Church of the Transfiguration by Carmen Rodriguez
Toms River, NJ: St Vincent’s Services

North Carolina (NC)
Charlotte, NC: St. Ann, Fr. Reid
Fayetteville, NC: Fr. Ovsak
Gastonia, NC: St. Micheal’s, Fr. Arnsparger
Newton, NC: St. Joseph’s (Jan. 17 @ 5 PM), Fr. Collins

North Dakota (ND) (68)
Beach, ND: St. John’s, Fr. David Richter
Belfield/South Heart, ND: St. Mary’s/St. Bernards, Fr. Lucht
Bismarck, ND: Fr. Tom Richter
Bismarck, ND: Ascension
(3) Bismarck, ND: Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (both 6:45 and 8 AM), by Julie Ternes
    and (8 AM on Jan. 22)
Bismarck, ND: Annunciation Monastery
Bismarck, ND: Saint Anne’s, Fr. Wehner
Bismarck, ND: St. Vincent’s Care Center
Bismarck, ND: Marillac Manor Retirement Place
(4) Bowman, ND: St. Charles’ (Jan. 20)
    and several more (which will be offered close to 1/20)
Carrington, ND: Sacred Heart, Fr. Syverson
Dickinson, ND: Queen of Peace, Fr. Zwack
Dickinson, ND: St. Joseph’s, Fr. Streifel
Dickinson, ND: St. Patrick’s, Fr. Kreitinger
Fargo, ND: Sts. Anne and Joachim (12:10 PM), Fr. Gunwall
Fargo, ND: Newman Center
Fargo, ND: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fr. Wilhelm
Flasher, ND: St. Lawrence’, Fr. Berg
Glenburn, ND: St. Philomena’s, Fr. Gardner
Grand Forks, ND: UND Newman Center, Fr. Courtright
(2) Grand Forks, ND: St. Mary’s
Hankinson, ND: St. Francis Convent, Fr. Bud Brooks
Hebron, ND: St. Ann’s (Check schedule)
Hettinger, ND: Holy Trinity, Fr. Joseph
Hillsboro, ND: St. Rose of Lima
Jamestown, ND: St. James Basilica
Karlsruhe, ND: Sts. Peter & Paul, Fr. Gross
Lamoure, ND: Holy Rosary Church (8:30AM) Fr. Callery
Lidgerwood, ND: St. Boniface’s, Fr. Smith
Linton, ND: St. Anthony’s, Fr. Benz
Mandan, ND: Christ the King (8:00 AM), Fr. Waltz
Mandan, ND: (Jan. 19-private Mass) Fr. Joshua Waltz
Mantador, ND: Sts. Peter and Paul, Fr. Anderl
Minot, ND: (Jan. 19-private Mass) Fr. Justin Waltz
Minot, ND: Little Flower, Fr. Harvey
(2) Minot, ND: Our Lady of Grace , Fr. Krebs and another (Date TBA)
Minot, ND: St. Leo’s, Fr. Vetter
Mott, ND: St. Vincent de Paul
Napoleon, ND: St. Philip Neri’s (Jan. 19), Fr. Leiphon
New England, ND: St. Mary’s (Noon), Fr. Basil, OSB
New Rockford, ND: St. John’s, Fr. Pfau
Oakwood, ND: Sacred Heart, Fr. Lauerman
Park River, ND: St. Mary’s, Fr. Unger
Park River, ND: St. Mary’s (Date TBA)
Parshall, ND: St. Bridgett’s, Fr. Synek
Rhame, ND: St. Mel’s (Jan. 18)
(2) Richardton, ND: Assumption Abbey, Abbot Brian Wangler, OSB and Fr. Dietlein, OSB
Richardton, ND: Sacred Heart Monastery (Date TBA), Benedictine Sisters
Richardton, ND: St. Mary’s, Fr. Muggli, OSB
Rugby, ND: Little Flower’s Parish (Jan. 22), Fr. Graner
Rugby, ND: Little Flower’s Convent (Jan. 21), Fr. LaFramboise
Stanley, ND: Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, Fr. Mike Millard
Underwood, ND: St. Bonaventure (9 AM) Fr. Schuster
Valley City, ND: Maryvale—Sisters of the Presentation Convent, Fr. Seeberger
Valley City, ND: St. Catherine’s
Warsaw, ND: St. Gianna Maternity Home
Washburn, ND: St. Edwin’s (11:30 AM) Fr. Schuster
Williston, ND: St. Joseph’s, Fr. Schafer
Wilton, ND: St. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Church, Fr. George
Fr. Luke Meyer

Ohio (OH) (7)
Cincinnati, OH: St. Jude’s in Bridgetown (6:30AM), Fr. Eric Bowman
Columbus, OH: Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Danville OH: St. Luke’s (Jan. 19) by KC Council #910
Dayton, OH: listed as Special Intention
Dayton, OH: Marianist Mission
(2) Macedonia, OH: Our Lady of Guadalupe (Jan. 13 & 20 @ 8:30 AM) 

Oklahoma (OK)
Stillwater, OK: St. John the Evangelist

Oregon (OR) (12)
Beaverton, OR: St. John Vianney Retirement Center, Fr. Jacobson
Grants Pass, OR St. Anne’s (Mon. Jan. 26 @ 7:45 AM)
Hillsboro, OR: St. Matthew’s
Joseph, OR: St. Katherine’s
Junction City, OR: St. Helen’s, Fr. Zach
La Grande, OR: Our Lady of the Valley
Oregon City, OR: St Philip Benizi’s (Jan 23 @ 8 AM)
Portland, OR: (private Mass) Fr. Banfield
Portland, OR: Holy Rosary (Noon)
Portland, OR: University of Portland, Father Pat Hannon
Sherwood, OR: St. Francis’
Tillamook, OR: Sacred Heart

Pennsylvania (PA) (7)
Bensalem, PA: Fr. Warkulwiz, Missionary Priest of the Blessed Sacrament (Private Mass)
Fryburg, PA: St. Michael’s (Date TBA)
Latrobe PA: St. Vincent Archabbey
Mars, PA: St. Kilian’s (Jan. 18)
McKeesport, PA: St. Mary’s Romanian Byzantine Church
Pittsburg, PA: Seraphic Mass Association
Pittsburgh, PA: Oakland Catholic High School, Fr. Schreck

Rhode Island (RI)
North Kingstown, RI: St. Frances de Sales’

South Carolina (SC)
Hartsville, SC: St. Mary’s, Fr. Karl
Rock Hill, SC: St. Anne’s

South Dakota (SD) (6)
(2) Aberdeen, SD
Chamberlain, SD: St Joseph’s Indian School
Redfield, SN: Sacred Heart
St. Francis, SD: St Francis Mission
Sioux Falls, SD: Holy Spirit Parish 

Tennessee (TN)
Antioch, TN: St. Ignatius of Antioch (Feb. 28 @ 5:30 PM)
Nashville, TN: Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia’s

Texas (TX) (14)
Corpus Cristi, TX: Fr. Medley, SOLT
El Paso, TX:
Frisco, TX: St. Francis of Assisi (April 16-Special Intention)
Houston, TX: St Bernadette’s
Houston, TX: St Clare’s
(2) Houston, TX: St Paul’s (2 on 1/20)
Houston, TX: Holy Rosary
Houston, TX: Holy Family
Houston, TX: St. Francis of Assisi (2 masses)
(2) Houston, TX: 2 more parishes
Houston, TX: Fr Sunny Joseph
Rio Grande City: The Benedictine Monastery of the Good Shepherd

Utah (UT)
Salt Lake City, UT: The Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Vermont (VT)
Westfield, VT: Immaculate Heart of Mary, Benedictine Monastery

Virginia (VA) (7)
Annandale, VA: Holy Spirit, Fr. James Searby
Front Royal, VA: Christendom College
Great Falls, VA: St. Catherine of Siena’s, Fr. Drummond
Lynchburg, VA:
Norton, VA: St. Anthony’s, Fr. Drake
Richmond, VA: St. Joseph’s by Lama
Virginia Beach, VA: St Luke’s (7:00 AM)

Washington (WA) (12)
Bremerton, WA: Our Lady, Star of the Sea, Fr. Lappe
Camas, WA: St. Thomas Aquinas’
Federal Way, WA: Pasisades Retreat House, Fr. Horan
Mercer Island, WA: St. Monica’s (“Special Intention” Jan. 26 @ 6:05 AM ) 
Port Townsend, WA: Fr. Gary Sumpter
Renton, WA: St. Anthony’s (Sunday, Jan. 25, Time TBA)
Renton, WA: St. Stephen the Martyr (Private Mass), Fr. White 
Renton, WA: St. Stephen the Martyr (TBA), Fr. White 
(2) Seattle, WA: Sacred Heart, Fr. Konen
Vancouver, WA: Holy Redeemer
Vancouver, WA: St. James’

West Virginia (WV)
Charles Town, WV: St James’
St. Albans, WV: St. Francis
Wheeling, WV: Cathedral of St. Joseph (Noon) by the Diocese of Sheelig-Charleston

Wisconsin (WI) (15)
Altoona, WI: Augustine-St. Mary’s (8 AM)
Appleton, WI: St. Pius X’s (1/8/09)
Benet Lake, WI: St Benedict’s Abbey
Eau Claire, WI: Regis High School Chapel (7:25 AM)
Green Bay, WI: St. Joseph Oratory, Extraordinary Rite (8:45 AM)
Hales Corners, WI: Sacred Heart Monastery
Hilbert, WI: St. Mary’s
Kaukauna, WI: Holy Cross (Jan. 21 @ 7 AM) Church
Marshfield, WI: St Joseph’s Hospital chapel Fr. Ibe
Marshfield, WI: Columbus High, Fr. Redfern
Mt. Horeb, WI: St. Ignatius’ (5:30 PM), Fr. Richard Heilman
Pewaukee, WI: Queen of Apostles’ (5 PM)
St. John, WI: St. John’s
Sherwood, WI: Sacred Heart
Seymour, WI: St. John the Baptist’s, Fr. Kabat

Wyoming (WY) (6)
Casper, WY: Details unknown
Cody, WY: Carmelite Monastery
Cody, WY: St. Anthony of Padua
Evanston, WY: St. Mary Magdalen’s
Kemmerer, WY: St. Patrick’s
Thermopolis, WY: St. Francis’, Father Blotsky, OSB

Washington D.C. (4)
(3) Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (Date TBA)
(Private Mass) Fr. Jim Steffes, STL, Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations @ USCCB

Unknown location:

Worldwide (37)
Riverwood, New South Wales, Australia: Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma
Dominican Republic
Vegreville, Alberta, Canada: (Jan. 25)
Calgary, AB, Canada; St. James’ (7 PM)
Haiti; Missionaries of Charity, Fr. Wayne Sattler
Bangalore, India (3) Holy Ghost Church, Redemptorist Father’s chapel, Catholic Center Church
Bangalore, India: Frs. Vailatt and Edayodil
Bangalore, India: Fr Arulanandam Selsus
Mangalore, India: Capuchin Friary, Bejai
Mangalore, India: Kodialbail Chapel
Colaba, Mumbai, India: St Joseph’s Catholic Church
Rome, Italy: North American College
Rome, Italy
Fatima, Portugal: Parish Church of the Seers of Fatima (7 PM)
Franciscan Mission Associates (5) (TBA)
United Kingdom by Fr. Barry Ku
Meru, Kenya
10 Masses (Jan. 29)
Djibouti, Africa: Camp Lemonier,US military base
Vatican City: Msgr. Fucinaro
Jerusalem, Israel: St. Savior’s Monastery, Fr. Angelo
Jerusalem, Israel: Tomb of the Lord, Fr. Angelo by
Jerusalem, Israel: Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother, Fr. Angelo
Jerusalem, Israel: Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, Fr. Angelo
Dublin, Ireland: Salesian House, Fr. Ross, SDB

This grassroots Inauguration Day Mass Intention project is being promoted . . .
on AM 1370 in Grand Forks.
in Fargo Diocese paper, New Earth, December issue
by the Sisters of the Monastery of the Good Shepherd in Rio Grande City
by Human Life PAC of WA State
by USCCB Respect Life Committee
by Lighthouse Catholic Media
by History Links—Integrated Learning for Catholic Families
by Crookston Diocese’s Office of Christian Service
by Fr. John Hampsch & the Claretian Teaching Ministry
by Mary’s Touch radio show
on various blogs:
    National Catholic Register
    Mark Shea’s blog
    Darcee Thomason
    and a multitude of others
by The World Apostolate of Fatima (Blue Army)

Fun · Sewing

The First Communion dress project

or  “how to recycle your wedding dress”.


I love my wedding dress.   Beautiful white embroidery on white satin.  But the reality is that I am not going to wear it again, it sits lonely in the basement waiting for nothing, destined to never see the light of day again except for those rare occasions where I clean the basement out and pull it up for the girls to coo over.  So I decided to use it to sew Hannah’s first communion dress.  It was a remarkably difficult choice.   Even though I am not under the delusion that any of the girls would wear it for their own wedding, there was still something rather heart stopping about actually cutting into it.  I had Kyle come in and give me “moral support” while I made the first couple of cuts.

So, in case anyone is interested, and for the sake of documenting this whole process here is the first two days of the great dress project:

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In Prayer

Rosaries for the President


With a big enough lever I could move the world.  Now who am I to argue with Archimedes?   With enough prayer who know what walls will come down, what seas will part, or what hearts could change.

Right now, at this very moment a new president is taking the oath of office of president of the United States.  We have elected a man who apparently has never seen a pro-abortion bill he didn’t like and has promised to support the vile practice of murdering unborn children.  What can we do now? Nothing but pray.  But God can do everything.  

I know there are several groups that are actively praying.  I will list them here as I find them. 

Rosaries for Obama – a facebook group connected to Christian and American
First 100 Rosaries – if you are in or near Washington D.C. consider joining the first 100 rosaries.

If you know of a group, or if you are praying for our new president please leave a comment so I can add your name or group to the list.