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Christmass Song Guess-o-rama

a carol - Lady Laura Teresa Alma-Tadema
a carol – Lady Laura Teresa Alma-Tadema

Resurrecting this for my kids:

from: December 15, 2008

I found this bit of fun over at  Stepping Heavenward.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Guess the Original Christmas Song Titles

01. Felicitations for the Season

02. Sterling Carillon

03. Circuitous gambol of Festive Conifer

04.Awesome hibernal acreage

05.Altitudinous celestials acclaim

06. Senior flattened by cloven aviator

07. Covert observation of matriarch’s scandalous osculation

08. Petite birthplace

09. Sprightly venerable benefactor

10.Allegiants proceed

11. Enquiry of mutual auditory perception

12. Hushed darkness

13. Noel – envisage blanched

14. Inaugural Yule

15. Royal Eastern trio

16.Planetary jubilance

17.Theurgical cool guy

18. Matchless season

19. Full-grown enumeration of holiday hopes

20. Commencement of Yuletide complexion

Christmas Carol Game Answers
01. We Wish You a Merry Christmas | 02. Silver Bells | 03. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree | 04. Winter Wonderland | 05. Angels We Have Heard on High | 06. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer | 07. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause | 08. O Little Town of Bethlehem | 09. Jolly Old St. Nicolas | 10. O Come All Ye Faithful | 11. Do You Hear What I Hear? | 12. Silent Night | 13. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas | 14. The First Noel | 15. We Three Kings of Orient Are | 16. Joy to the World | 17. Frosty the Snowman | 18. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year | 19. Grown up Christmas List | 20. It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

8 ways simplicity could help you survive a zombie outbreak

Ok, so now I have a whole new reason to love the neighborhood yak ” — the Linkbait Generator which gave me the above title.  Glee!   “When the Zombies attack”  or “When the dead walk” have long been favorite stand ins for “when hell freezes over” or “when the ___ hits the fan”.

So, 8 ways simplicity could help you survive a zombie outbreak:

  1. You have an emergency kit.
  2. and you can find it
  3. You don’t have to worry about your  stuff getting in your way while you make a break for it.
  4. You can hold out longer in your boarded up house.
  5. Since you cook you won’t be in restaurants when the zoombies attack.
  6. You won’t be caught in the shopping mall, movie theater, amusement park, when the dead attack.
  7. You won’t be as dependent on fancy gizmos and technology for your day to day life.
  8. You know your friends and neighbor’s better and can catch those tell-tale early signs of zombiefication.

8 ways simplicity could help you survive a zombie outbreak

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I’m it

Children at Play on the Beach - Edward Henry Potthast
Children at Play on the Beach - Edward Henry Potthast

Tina tagged me so now I am it (eeek)

All I can say is…. at least it wasn’t the 25 things you don’t know about me version:

6 Things you might not know about me…

  1. I play World of Warcraft.  Actually my husband and I play together.  My dad plays with us too.
  2. I absolutely dread using the phone.  I will put off calling people to an absurd extent.   I think the very insecure part of me worries that I will be an unwelcome intrusion into other people’s time.
  3. I really would love to take riding lessons.  I love horses and I love riding, but I never really get the chance.  Ballroom dancing is also on that list.  I wish we could go dancing more.  Kyle and I took lessons years ago and I really enjoyed the dancing and the time together.  Sometimes we dance in the kitchen and the children laugh at us.
  4. I enjoy homeschooling much more than I thought I would, but sometimes I feel like I am not that good at it.  Then I hear my children discussing things in a respectful and intelligent way and I figure I can’t be doing that bad of a job.
  5. Part of me would enjoy going back to school, but I can be so obstinate I am not sure I would enjoy it as much as I think I would.
  6. I love working jigsaw puzzles.

And now for the hard part… who to tag 🙂

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Rule #3 ~ Write 6 random things about yourself.
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The First Communion dress project

or  “how to recycle your wedding dress”.


I love my wedding dress.   Beautiful white embroidery on white satin.  But the reality is that I am not going to wear it again, it sits lonely in the basement waiting for nothing, destined to never see the light of day again except for those rare occasions where I clean the basement out and pull it up for the girls to coo over.  So I decided to use it to sew Hannah’s first communion dress.  It was a remarkably difficult choice.   Even though I am not under the delusion that any of the girls would wear it for their own wedding, there was still something rather heart stopping about actually cutting into it.  I had Kyle come in and give me “moral support” while I made the first couple of cuts.

So, in case anyone is interested, and for the sake of documenting this whole process here is the first two days of the great dress project:

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – December 22, 2008

The Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by
Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : December 22, 2008
So we had some snow last week, this week we are snowed in.  We have a good ten inches of snow (easily).  The trees are coated in ice, thanks to Saturday night’s freezing rain.  The weather outside is frightful… we are all safe and warm.

Outside my Window – Wow… snow, ice, feels like a moved to Vermont or something.  

I am thinking –   About the pantry.  My dad is out and about and will be picking us up some essentials at the store.  We are staying put until it thaws a bit. 

From the learning roomsMy neighbor brought over a gingerbread house kit… fun craft for this afternoon.

I am thankful for-  My warm home.  My dad who is the emergency snow-man, and escort to the ballet.  Yeah for him and his 4 wheel drive, snow tires and chains.

From the kitchen – More cookies and maybe some fudge.

I am wearing – Grey sweats and my black velvet top.

I am reading – Nothing in particular at the moment.  I skimmed through the latest issue of “Threads” last night. 

I am hoping –  That everyone stays safe today.

I am creating –  Christmas cookies and fun crafts.

I am hearing –  Kyle teasing Josh about tossing him out in the snow.  Josh thinks it is hilarious.

Around the house – You would think they would be getting tired of the weather…. nope.  But they do need to get some energy burned off.

One of my favorite things – My camera.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week – Christmas!!!!  .

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you – 



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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – December 15, 2008

The Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by
Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : December 15, 2008
We have snow!  We don’t get snow often, but today there is snow on the ground, Ashley is home from school and Kyle is home from work.  Love snow days.

Outside my Window –  There is a blanket of white loveliness.  The sun is shining which makes it all the more beautiful, but dooms the snow.  

I am thinking –   About orthodoxy.  I ran across a random comment this morning about judging what is or isn’t orthodox enough.  I suppose this is one of those items where there is a great deal of contention and personal judgement and more than a little judgmental-ism involved.

From the learning roomsToday is going to have be a rather light day because of how odd it is to have daddy and Ashley home.  The butterflies are starting to come out of their cocoons.  The ants are slowly dieing off.  I have no idea how long the ants should be living, consequentially I have no idea if there is something we are doing wrong.  Research is needed.

I am thankful for-  Snow days (you saw that coming didn’t you).

From the kitchen – We need to brave the weather for bread and milk.

I am wearing – Black pants and a white top..

I am reading – The Five Love Languages. 

I am hoping –  The the roads are clear past our neighborhood, they should be.

I am creating –  I am working on some odds and ends this week.

I am hearing –  The radio.  Christmas songs are playing.

Around the house – The children are being really excited and a little hard to settle into doing what they supposed to do.

One of my favorite things – My slippers, warm toes are nice.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week – Not sure, there is a lot of work I need to get done and I am not any more focused than the children are.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you – 

Snow day fun


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Really cool and fun

You might remember this post from last year.   Straight No Chaser’s very cool rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas  give it another listen it is well worth it.

Apparently after their video went “viral” last year they got notice by Atlantic records, were reunited and cut an album.  Check out the story.

I saw it first over at the Anchoress and I know others like Fr Kyle have linked into it.  I feels good to be doing a little, very tiny part to help these great musicians get noticed – because when a lot of us share what we love very occasionally it makes a difference.   Viva la Power of the Internet.