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The First Communion dress project – prt 3

This is part three of the first communion dress project… also known as “how to recycle your wedding dress”

You can check out the first and second installments of this project.

I created some piping:


Then I started sewing.  At this point I am following the instructions in the pattern.

Here is the first seam:


I zig-zagged the edge to keep it from fraying.

As I mentioned in my last segment I have purchased satin for the sides and sleeves.  You can see the two fabrics here:


There is just an ever so slight difference.  I am still not really stressing of it, so far it looks fine to me.

One thing that I have been concerned over is the embroidery getting clipped in the new seams.  You can see this happening here:


In addition to the weird shading thing my flash on my camera is doing you can see where the embroidery is caught in the seam.

To fix this I am embroidering over the seam, recreating the flowers that are sewn through.


Part four – the zipper (eeeek!)