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Dump the Cereal

Clavin loves his Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and my kids are fond of similar such breakfast treats, but the health and expense of  children’s breakfast cereals is questionable and has bothered me for a while. 


 I will admit my lazy side was unwilling to fight the inevitable battle that would rage and quite frankly it was just too easy to pull the bag off the shelf, dump the cereal in a bowl and be done with breakfast.

Well, thanks to an extended snow storm back in December we made the huge jump to breakfasts without boxed(or bagged) cereal.  We have had oatmeal, french toast, coffee cake, muffins all sorts of eggs and breakfast goodness.  It was a little bit a hurdle the first week or so.  But I found that getting breakfast cooked and on the table wasn’t as onerous a task as I thought it might be. 

The kids like the new breakfast plan better than I imagined they would.  Of course I have had a couple requests for cereal, but overall they seem to be happier.  Now I am not deluding myself into thinking that pancakes have much more nutritional value than cold cereal – but since we are out of the cereal habit we are having more eggs, toast and juice and fewer chocolate frosted sugar bomb days — which feels like a great victory.

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