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The First Communion dress project – prt 2


This is the second post documenting the great “First Communion Dress Project”.   I am sewing my daughter’s first Communion dress using my wedding dress.

You can see the first part of the project here.

I ended the last section having cut out the front and front side pieces.  In order to have enough of the wedding dress left to make on more first communion dress (for Sarah) I decided to use the embroidered front of the wedding dress for the front of the communion dress and the sides of the wedding dress for the back.  Since I needed extra white satin this keeps the different fabrics symmetrically placed on the dress.

In theory it would have been best to move the seem for the back side to match the way I did for the front, but this would have made a very akward cut in the embrodery of the panel I was using.  We will see how this works… I am hopeful it will be fine.

The lining ready to cut.
The lining ready to cut.

I cut the side-back and sleeves out of the new fabric and the back out of the dress side front.  Then I cut the lining out of new fabric.  I am reusing the netting from my dress for the communion dress.

The next step is creating the piping for the neck and sleeves.  You can see a nice tutorial here: How to cover cording to create your own piping.

To see more progress on the dress: Part 3