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Half dressed women viewed as objects by men.

A study reported in the British news today (Telegraph, Guardian)  shows that men’s perceptions of woman change when they view pictures of scantily dressed females .


Me either.

Hercules Between Virtue And Vice - Emmanuel Benner
Hercules Between Virtue And Vice - Emmanuel Benner

I can’t help but wonder if a similar result could be seen if you looked at actual women.   Does one woman in skimpy dress in the mall affect the way the men who see her view other women?   Because if so it adds yet another argument to the reasons women should seriously consider the affect their apparel has on everyone around them.

Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman’s Daybook – February 16, 2009

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FOR TODAY : February 16, 2008
Sarah turned three yesterday.   Today is cold and somewhat cloudy.  It is also President’s day so Ashley is home.

Outside my Window – The wind is blowing and they sky is mostly gray. I need to finish pruning the roses this week .

I am thinking – It is sort of sad to not have a baby in the house.  

From the learning rooms – We are making more solid plans for Lent.

I am thankful for- Kyle being home again.  Lord I miss him when he is gone.

From the kitchen – I really, really need to grocery shop.

I am reading – On Basilisk Station — I am almost done with it.

I am hoping – That I don’t get lost driving up to Vancouver today.  Actually I am sure I can find Vancouver… my brother-in-law’s house  — not so much.

I am creating – Hannah’s first communion dress.  I am using my wedding dress and you can see the progress so far.    I will be posting more on this soon.  Yes, I did find my camera.

I am hearing – The children’s lunch conversation.

Around the house – I have to go grocery shopping, drive to Vancouver and then make dinner.    At least there is no CCD tonight.   Also, the ugly-used-to-be-white carpet is about 1/3 gone.

One of my favorite things – Hardwood floors.  Yes, I know they are cold, loud, whatever… but they are so, so much better than ugly-used-to-be-white carpet.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week – More sewing, a little gardening.  The  Portland Garden show is this weekend, I would like to go.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you –

Happy Birthday Little Princess
Happy Birthday Little Princess