8 ways simplicity could help you survive a zombie outbreak

Ok, so now I have a whole new reason to love the neighborhood yak ” — the Linkbait Generator which gave me the above title.  Glee!   “When the Zombies attack”  or “When the dead walk” have long been favorite stand ins for “when hell freezes over” or “when the ___ hits the fan”.

So, 8 ways simplicity could help you survive a zombie outbreak:

  1. You have an emergency kit.
  2. and you can find it
  3. You don’t have to worry about your  stuff getting in your way while you make a break for it.
  4. You can hold out longer in your boarded up house.
  5. Since you cook you won’t be in restaurants when the zoombies attack.
  6. You won’t be caught in the shopping mall, movie theater, amusement park, when the dead attack.
  7. You won’t be as dependent on fancy gizmos and technology for your day to day life.
  8. You know your friends and neighbor’s better and can catch those tell-tale early signs of zombiefication.

8 ways simplicity could help you survive a zombie outbreak


28 Weeks

We are at 28 weeks – officially third trimester.   Elizabeth moves around and her siblings can feel her “bump and bumble” and get very excited (and rather loud in their glee) when they are the one she is bumping.   The weather has turned beautiful.  Blue skies and warm temperatures – everything in the garden has exploded, including the lawn which now needs mowed, again.