I must be completely crazy

(Ok, now I know that everyone who reads this who knows me in Real Life and my loyal subscribers all just read that and said, “Yeah, I could have told you that a while back.”)  But there it is.  I have a camping trip in a week and a half – the big one – the homeschool trip where our group’s families all get together and live out of the backs of our cars while our children have the best-time-ever.  This trip.

I also have another camping trip the first weekend in August.  Garden stuff to do, painting stuff to do, all sorts of sorting needs to be taken care of and I need to plan for homeschooling next year.  Oh, and we are having a baby, doing at least two clubs, we have a first communicant next year…. whizzzzzz-phewww-smolder (the sound of my brain doing the Sci-Fi does not compute thing)  So, if you have been wondering why I suddenly stopped blogging that is because normal life+pregnancy=overwhelm.