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Thank you

In Mass today I had one of those “God Strikes” moments; it was one of those times where something really normal happens and it completely blows me away because there is some small miracle happening.  Rachel turned to me right as the consecration was beginning and said very clearly and signed “thank you”.   It was really significant because we almost didn’t go to mass this morning.  We had a special Father’s Day breakfast and we were running a little late, Christopher couldn’t find his belt, Josh couldn’t find his shoes, Rachel was really on the edge of being too excited and I had to fill up the car with gas.  We almost didn’t make it out the door.   I am so glad we did.

Rachel just loves mass.  She loves Communion.  I know she was so happy to go, but her being able to communicate that so clearly was really a little miracle.  I love those little mini-miracles.


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