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Support for autistic teen

I have typed that into google many times over the past five years.   I was always hopeful.  It always turned out somewhat dissappointing.  I did it again today.  Lot’s of information from people living on the spectrum.  Those who are obviously high functioning enough to use a computer and type their thoughts and feelings in a coherant manner.  Some of what they say is insightful a great deal of it has about as much to do with my daughter Rachel as if they were talking about a completely normal teen.  My concerns for Rachel aren’t  how to help her be cool, or how should we handle dating but things like what is the process for placing her in an assisted living situation, how do I avoid getting CPS involved in my family’s life if she hurts her sibling — should I even worry about that — could CPS actually help or are they clueless when it comes to special needs?

 Searching again by adding aggression into the search box.  I hoped to up the relevance.  It leaves me wondering again.  Am I alone out here?  I know I am not, I know there are other families dealing with these issues.  Why is it so very difficult to find support?