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My observations for the day

Hanging laundry on the line is great for saving a little money.  My insight for the day: wash clothing that requires the longest drying time first.  It is much smarter to hang towels or jeans on the line first thing than it is to hang lights and sheets  on the line in the morning and then towels and jeans in the afternoon.

Parking at the library during story time sucks.

Letting the children play outside after dinner and before dessert means washing the kid’s hands twice.  Dessert right after dinner might be a good thing.

The children will eat ALL the strawberries if they are not told not to.

Grocery shopping while hungry is a BAD idea.  It is double bad to do it while hungry on a hot afternoon – ending up with the shakes is a bad thing. (for those who are counting that is Bad-bad-bad)



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The Carol Race Story: a quick update

Carol Race had a hearing to determine if the pairsh of The Parish of St. Joseph In Bertha, Minn was justified in obtaining a restraining order aginst her for bring her son, Adam, who is 13 and autistic to mass. 

You can read more about the hearing at: In Forum News and at The Minneapolis-St Paul Star Tribune.

You can read more about this story and the other items I have written on autism here.