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Saturday at the Cinema

One thing I have always gotten a kick from is the old time “mental hygiene” films.  They cover everything from What to do if a nuclear bomb strikes to How to know if you are ready for marriage.  Today I recommend this little gem “The New Girl”  it is the rather melodramatic story of a company that hires its first black secretary.   There are a couple of things that interested me.  First, it shows the real fear and discomfort of being the “different” person, our heroine’s mother reads her the riot act in order to inspire her not to give up or give in and most importantly to get herself down to the office and face those people who she fears.  On the down side it rather glosses over the fact that there are some people who’s deep set prejudices won’t go away just because the boss gives them a good talking to.  But overall, considering its time period the film shows the tension of its time and provides a good example of creating positive change and an atmosphere of acceptance.

Have fun