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Carol Race launches Adam’s Pew Project

Carol Race has started a project and a website called “Project: Adam’s Pew“.  I assured her last week that I would provide the information about it here.   Yesterday she pled not guilty to violating the restraining order against her which she received when she took her family to mass at The Church of St. Joseph in Bertha, Minn.  Fr Dan Walz had obtained the restraining order on behalf of the parish due to Adam’s behaviors in mass extending from his autism.

She {Carol Race} said mediation with church leaders to settle her dispute is scheduled to start this week. Todd County Attorney Chuck Rasmussen said he hopes the case can be worked out before trial.

Carol seems very hopeful that the mediation will go well.  She said that she has a lot of confidence in the two arbitrators that have come into the situation and that the Diocese will have a representative there.  I believe she said it was the vicar general  which she sees as a good thing.   So do I.  If there is a problem with the priest over-reacting to the situation then having the Dioceses representative will help bring that issue forward and resolve it. 

So please keep the Race family, Adam and their parish in your prayers.  Please pray that all invovled will be able to discuss this issue with open hearts and minds and find a good solution.

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