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Simply Lovely Picnics

A Picnic Party   William Kay Blacklock

What can be more simple or lovely than a picnic?  You don’t need reservations or a tie and jacket.  There are no tickets to purchase or curtain times to make.  All that is needed is a basket of food, some pleasant place, some beloved company and a fine summer’s day.

We frequently do picnics for lunch.  We pack some sandwiches and head to the park and enjoy a couple hours away.  But our favorite picnics are dinner at the zoo.

My parents have been kind enough the past few years to buy year long passes to the zoo for us.  This makes what would be an expensive trip that we could only afford two or three times a year something we can do frequently.  We pack dinner into a large basket and head to the zoo in the late afternoon.  When Kyle gets off work he joins us and we can all have diner at the picnic area in the heart of the zoo. 

Nothing grand, nothing elaborate.  Just simple and lovely.

If you have something for this fair please send me a note or leave a comment and I will hard link you in.

Thank you

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