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40 Trash Bag Challenge — Day 2


Today is Wednesday, February 26, 2008

This is the second day of the 2008 40 trash bag challenge.  The challenge is an  opportunity to remove the excess clutter and “stuff” from our lives.  The excess can be given away, sold, donated or trashed.   The first goal is to let go; the second goal is to bless others.

Today’s  bag of stuff for our family will come from the kitchen.  We are going through our cupboards and letting go of  those items we rarely or never use.  This can be baking pans, small appliances,  dishes, or anything stored in the kitchen.  I am also going to hit the dreaded “junk” drawer.  Anything that I don’t have a home or use for I am letting go of.    I am also using a box instead of a bag for the big things like pans or plates.

We are talking about  spring.

Today’s Scripture Reading

Quote for the day: “Totus tuus” – the apostolic motto of Pope John Paul II (totally yours)

See and do activity: Take a nature walk and notice the early bulbs, leaves and new green growth.  Talk about how God blesses use, how all things ultimately belong to Him.

Read we are reading “A seed is sleepy”.

Craft: We are planting small containers of flower seeds to watch them grow.

Lap book page: Draw and color some of the new growth we saw today.

Other great ideas: (if you stumble on something that should be linked here please comment or send me the link)

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One thought on “40 Trash Bag Challenge — Day 2

  1. Somehow, I ended up bringing home about four bags of stuff from my mother’s house. She is cleaning out her basement. However, there were boxes and boxes of stuff offered to me and I only chose that which I will actually use. Not things I could figure out a use for some day in the future.

    I did put aside a bunch of things to take to the next homeschool meeting to give away.

    Maybe I’ll hit my pots and pans cupboard today too. Good job on your efforts!

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