40 bags of stuff.

40 days

40 bags


this Lent I am riviving my project from last spring the “40 trash bag challenge”.

There are a few changes from last spring.  We are looking to give away more this year.  Each week we want to have a least one bag specifically for charity.   This year we are doing themed days, for instance tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we will be hitting the kitchen to get rid of  “junk food”.   Many of the days will have scriptures or Saint stories associated with them.   The children will be putting together a “lap book” for Lent that will include these stories and of course I will be blogging our progress here.  I have also set up a Facebook group for the 40 trash bag challenge.

Good luck to those who are going to give this a go.  Tomorrow is our first day.

3 thoughts on “40 days

  1. this is wonderful! just curious…are you going to post a plan, so we can follow along? We are totally going to start with the junk food tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  2. What a fabulous idea!!! We are definitely going to participate. We are an Air Force family living in Italy right now. Our base parish has a truck that comes every other month to take items to an orphanage/mission in Croatia. The local diocese has numerous drop-off locations as well. I passed the info on to our base priest. We could have the truck overflowing if just a small percentage of the parish participated!

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