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Bathroom Bliss in a Box…

When you have more than two children organising toiletries in the bathroom can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t have a separate “kid’s” bathroom.

I stumbled upon a solution a while back that has worked wonderfully for us.  The bathroom boxes.  I purchased six inexpensive plastic totes from the container store and an inexpensive bathroom rack (yes a tape measure was used in order to make sure everything worked together).  Each child has their own tote and the totes are stored in place one a small shelf and four on the new rack.

The bath rack with four totes
The bath rack with four totes

In each box is everything the child needs:  brush, toothbrush,  tooth paste, a cup, shampoo, bubble bath, lotion… all those personal items that they need.  When it is their bathroom time they can pull their box and then put them away leaving the bathroom clean for the next clan member.

To make this idea even more cool I could turn on my creative side and let the children decorate their boxes.

You can (as always) see more of the Works for me Wednesday ideas at Rocks in my Dryer.

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