Snow days and cookie baking


Today is another snow day for Ashley so she is making cookies.   So far we have gingerbread going.  They are spicy and rich, dark molasses type.   They are one of my favorite cookies.  Later we will start the candy-cane cookies and maybe get to the teacakes today.  I need to acquire a new cookie press before doing our spritz.  Last we will do the sugar cookies.  But it might take most of the week to get it all done.

Kyle went into work, late, but he still went.  The roads in our neighborhood are glazed with thick ice, but the main roads seemed clear enough.  The house is warm, Christmas music is playing, the air is spicy and as soon as Kyle gets home it will all be good in the world.

4 thoughts on “Snow days and cookie baking

  1. Hi Darcee,
    The cookies look so yummy. I have a prayer request for you. I Plan Parenthood is building the largest abortion clinic in the US just down the road from us. It is at the entrance to the UofH. They will be doing late term abortions. The Catholic Churches here are praying that some way some how it can be stopped. Would you please ask your parish to pray for this matter too. Just think of all the young college girls that will be so tempted to go there. Oh so sad. Thank you praying with us.
    I was happy to have you visit today.
    Do come again. I love reading your blog and seeing how you live our faith. being Catholic is such a blessing.

  2. Let’s hear it for snow days!!! Sounds like you’re using the time well. We are seriously praying for a snow day tomorrow!! Please pray. My youngest has been sick for two days and she could really use the snow day to catch up. And my high schooler really needs to catch up in AP History. AND it’s snowing hard! There’s a winter snow warning until 4 AM. Could be perfect.
    Love your cookies.

  3. I just read Elizabeth’s prayer request and and feel silly asking for prayers for snow. I will definitely be praying against that Planned Parenthood. Lord have mercy.

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