Reflections on the Day

Reflections on the Day – November 21, 2008


Reflections on the Day for November 20, 2008.
It has been cool and sunny today following two days of heavy rain.   

Plans for today – I need to go shopping.  I will pick up the weatherizing stuff I need. 

I am wearing – My black velvet top and comfy pant and soft blue slippers.

I am feeling – Happy!  Kyle is home tomorrow.

I am hearing –  The children are finishing lunch.

I am thankful for – Kyle getting home tomorrow.

In prayer – Nadine, Kyle while he is traveling, Granny and Pat.

The Children:

Ashley – Is working on a project for me.  I will post pictures on this soon.
Rachel –  Conferences are next week.  Her teacher seems really nice.
Christopher – Made lunch today.
Hannah –  Has asked to learn how to do needle work.
Joshua – Decided to shake extra cheese on his noodles and made a big mess.
 Has been tagging behind Josh all day.

The Homefires:

Kitchen – Pizza night… woot.
Craft-room – My mind is working on some Advent crafts.
Music – If you missed this you need to check it out.
Lucky Room of the Day –  Bedrooms.

My pleasant thought for the Day –

 On Joan of Arc: “The common people flocked in crowds to look at her and speak with her and her fair loveliness won the half of their beleif, and her deep earnestness and transparent sincerity won the other half. The well-to-do remained away and scoffed, but that is their way.”~Mark Twain

A picture worth a thousand words – 

Sarah wanted her picture taken at the dentist
Sarah wanted her picture taken at the dentist

Advent 2008

A new year is almost upon us.  Advent is the beginning of the Catholic liturgical year.  It starts, in the most natural of ways as anticipation.  The beginning of all life, the expectation of a birth  – the birth of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus.  We have special songs, colors, traditions, food.  All these things leading us gently an surely to Christmas.   Advent is very special and beautiful.

It is also somewhat of a challenge.  There is such an emphasis in our culture on the material aspects of Christmas.  The gifts, the malls, the stuff overwhelm the manger and the star and the little baby long ago who brought so much to us all.  The birth that brought us everything is smothered in the everything we buy.  Advent is a bit of liturgical magic that shifts us out of a life of stuff and into the life of the church.  It is joy, peace, hope and love.  It is a time for preparation, faith building, memory making, family, songs, lights, and understanding.   So, not to belabor a good point here are the basics.

The Dates For 2008 

Advent begins Sunday, November 30


  • Saint Nicholas: December 6
  • Immaculate Conception: December 8 – HDO
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe: December 12
  • Saint Lucy: December 13
  • Blogs I Know · Christmas · Fun

    Really cool and fun

    You might remember this post from last year.   Straight No Chaser’s very cool rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas  give it another listen it is well worth it.

    Apparently after their video went “viral” last year they got notice by Atlantic records, were reunited and cut an album.  Check out the story.

    I saw it first over at the Anchoress and I know others like Fr Kyle have linked into it.  I feels good to be doing a little, very tiny part to help these great musicians get noticed – because when a lot of us share what we love very occasionally it makes a difference.   Viva la Power of the Internet.

    Advent · Christmas · Simplicity

    Holiday Grand Plan Week Thirteen.

    The Official Holiday Grand Plan started on August 31.  In order to accommodate the Advent season I have started earlier, and I hope to have everything in order and ready for a calm and spiritual Advent season.

    This week the I am focusing on the Kitchen.  This is totally out of order, but I really need to back up to the kitchen and do a good turn through it and take inventory for the Christmas cooking.  

    Last Week’s follow up: I will have the checklist for sorting up soon, God willing.  I bought four new Christmas children’s books for the book basket.

    Week Twelve: Cleaning:  The Official Holiday Grand Plan has the kitchen listed on week six.  I like having it closer to the Holidays.  My goals in the kitchen are to do a good clean out of the fridge and freezer, cull the baking supplies, check the pantry and make a final shopping list for the items I will need for the holiday baking.  Don’t forget the cleaning list for the Kitchen.

    Preparing for the Holidays: This weekend is the weekend we are making sure the lights work.  I bought my Advent candles already.  Cards should be ready to go by the end of next week. 

    Planning:  The Offical Grand Plan has recommendations for this week.  My list is a little different since we started a couple weeks earlier. 

    Gifts: I need to make a trip to get some fabric for the boys.  This week I want to get one good shopping trip in. 
    Cards:  Still working on my cross stitch cards.  I need to check labels for mailing.
    Parties: This week I am doing the first plans for our Christmas eve shin-dig.
    Menus: The menu for Christmas eve and what we are bringing to Thanksgiving.
    Decorating:  Got those Advent Candles, plan for crafts that will be decorations.  The thanks giving goodies go up this weekend.
    Baking: I need to get anything that I don’t have after going through the kitchen. 
    Devotionals: I picked up some items for Advent devotionals/crafts.  Later today or tomorrow I will have my Advent page up with our devotionals. 
    Traditions: We have new books.  I am looking through to decide which night we would like to go to the Grotto and Zoo lights.  We have a couple parties booked.  St Nicholas day celebrations.  Lot’s of things starting to show up on the calendar.

    Reflections on the Day

    Reflections on the Day – November 19, 2008


    Reflections on the Day for November 19, 2008.
    We started out mysty and foggy but the sun has come out and is starting to warm things up.   

    Plans for today – This evening I am going back to Penny’s to order our pictures. 

    I am wearing – My other brown slacks and my comfy green top.

    I am feeling – Kind of chilly.  I need to go get the weatherising stuff for the house today.

    I am hearing –  Josh laugh over todays music video.

    I am thankful for – Really nice neighbors.

    In prayer – Nadine, Kyle while he is traveling (poor guy is sick), Granny and Pat.

    The Children:

    Ashley – Did a  really good job in the kitchen last night.
    Rachel –  I need to call the house and set up the Holiday schedule.
    Christopher – Reads all the captions on videos for Josh.
    Hannah –  loved picking out a new book yesterday.
    Joshua – Is really cracking up over the song.
     Came into the office to say “Momma, Hannah is mean”.

    The Homefires:

    Kitchen – Menu planning day.
    Craft-room – I took my sewing machine to the Montavilla sewing center and the guy fixed it on the spot for me.  Joy.  It was such a simple thing he didn’t even charge me.
    Music – Ok, here is what the boys have been enjoying.  Big H/T to Happy Catholic:

    Lucky Room of the Day –  The Office.

    My pleasant thought for the Day –

     “Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.”
    ~St. Francis of Assisi

    A picture worth a thousand words – 

    Chritopher enjoys his bike.

    Reflections on the Day

    Reflections on the Day – November 18, 2008


    Reflections on the Day for November 18, 2008.
    The day has been sunny but chilly,  almost like fall is slipping into winter.   

    Plans for today – Today started out busy and just kept going.  We had an appointment for portraits today for the younger ones and that went really well, except for Sarah totally refusing to take part. 

    I am wearing – My brown slacks and a comfy black top.

    I am feeling – So much better.  I am just slightly coughing and  my head is starting to feel clear.

    I am hearing –  Nightmare before Christmas is playing in the other room.  Ashley picked it up from the library.

    I am thankful for – Having a teen who is willing and able to help out so I can deal with the things I need to do while Kyle is gone.!

    In prayer – Nadine, Kyle while he is traveling (poor guy is sick), Granny and Pat.

    The Children:

    Ashley – Is in charge tonight while I am at the homeschool support meeting.
    Rachel –  I need to call the house and set up the Holiday schedule.
    Christopher – Was so helpful this morning.
    Hannah – Oh what a beauty she is in her pictures.
    Joshua –  Has had a really good day today.  He is such a ham.
     Frustrated me to no end at the studio.  I so wish she would have given the pictures a go, I know she is going to be sad when they come back and she isn’t in them.

    The Homefires:

    Kitchen – Tonight is easy dogs in a blanket for the kids!
    Craft-room – I am dropping the sewing machine off on my way to the meeting.
    Music – OMG there is Christmas music not just in the mall, but one of the stations in town has already switched to Christmas songs.
    Lucky Room of the Day –  The living room.

    My pleasant thought for the Day –

     “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.”
    ~Antoine de Saint Exupery:



    A picture worth a thousand words – 

    Sarah, Josh and Elora.

    My world · Simplicity

    The Simple Woman’s Daybook – November 17, 2008

    The Simple Woman’s Daybook
    is hosted by
    Peggy at the Simple Woman.
    Thank you Peggy.

     FOR TODAY : November 17, 2008
    After the fog lifted this morning it was a really nice day.

     Outside my Window – It is dark and damp.  Saw Venus on the way home this evening 

    I am thinking – The children went to bed remarkably easy tonight.  

    From the learning rooms – The ant farm is neat.

    I am thankful for- Fun friends.  I enjoy having some really interesting ladies to talk to, with, at… depending on my mood.

    From the kitchen – Comes the sounds of the dishwasher, very quiet thrumming.

    I am wearing – My plum sweater and brown pants.

    I am reading – Something new.

    I am hoping –  That the children cooperate tomorrow for pictures.

    I am creating – Christmas cards.

    I am hearing –  Ash getting out of the shower.

    Around the house – All is quiet and calm.

    One of my favorite things – A glass of red wine.

    A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week – Picture time for the younger children, daddy getting home on Saturday, hopefully the butterflies come in this week. 

    Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you – 

    Josh got the “Good Brush” award at the dentist. 
    So we went to pick up his gift card and get his picture taken.