Reflections on the Day

Reflections on the Day – November 21, 2008


Reflections on the Day for November 20, 2008.
It has been cool and sunny today following two days of heavy rain.   

Plans for today – I need to go shopping.  I will pick up the weatherizing stuff I need. 

I am wearing – My black velvet top and comfy pant and soft blue slippers.

I am feeling – Happy!  Kyle is home tomorrow.

I am hearing –  The children are finishing lunch.

I am thankful for – Kyle getting home tomorrow.

In prayer – Nadine, Kyle while he is traveling, Granny and Pat.

The Children:

Ashley – Is working on a project for me.  I will post pictures on this soon.
Rachel –  Conferences are next week.  Her teacher seems really nice.
Christopher – Made lunch today.
Hannah –  Has asked to learn how to do needle work.
Joshua – Decided to shake extra cheese on his noodles and made a big mess.
 Has been tagging behind Josh all day.

The Homefires:

Kitchen – Pizza night… woot.
Craft-room – My mind is working on some Advent crafts.
Music – If you missed this you need to check it out.
Lucky Room of the Day –  Bedrooms.

My pleasant thought for the Day –

 On Joan of Arc: “The common people flocked in crowds to look at her and speak with her and her fair loveliness won the half of their beleif, and her deep earnestness and transparent sincerity won the other half. The well-to-do remained away and scoffed, but that is their way.”~Mark Twain

A picture worth a thousand words – 

Sarah wanted her picture taken at the dentist
Sarah wanted her picture taken at the dentist

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