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What a deal.

I took Hannah to summer ballet today at the parish and walked out with a Jonti Cart Storage Island — free!  I almost feel badly because it is such a fantastic deal.  I mean how can you beat free?  It is in great shape, but I will have to replace some of the bins.  All I can say is WOW!  We really needed it too.  One of those things to be thankful for.

here is what it looks like:


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Works for me – Simple White Dishes


I find that simple useful things usually have a great deal of beauty to them. Today I am singing the praises of simple white dishware, the kind you can find almost anywhere, stoneware, solid, usually creamy white in basic shapes. It is inexpensive, easy to clean, usually dishwasher and microwave safe and sometimes even oven safe. The essence of kitchen simplicity

But, its boring. Yes, sort of. If you are the type who has to have something colorful and exciting then I suppose they are sort of boring. Fiestaware or something might be your choice. But for me I like the simplicity of white.

Since you can find them anywhere they are very easy to replace. The five year old dropping a plate will not be a tragedy. White also makes for easy cleanup. Even a young child can learn to wash a dish. Unadulterated white makes it easy to see that a through job has been done.

On the flip side I love fine china. There is something really nice about having dinner on fine plates. I have three patterns that I collect when I have the chance. These are items that bring a good deal of pleasure to me, one set has been handed down from my father’s mother and the other are just two sets I love. My hope is that my daughters and granddaughters will also love them.

But for everyday use nothing beat those nice little white stoneware dishes.

You can find other great “Works for me ideas” at Shannon’s blog Rocks in my Dryer.


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What a weird, sad, little person.

OK, I have a question for you: what might an associate professor at the University of Minnesota and a depressed and slightly delusional, 15 year old girl, who fancies herself a witch, have in common?  They BOTH want to desecrate the Eucharist… only the professor doesn’t have the balls to get the Host himself and instead asks his blog readers to do that part for him.   I know I am rather late to this story, but I just have to say something.  Paul Myers, it is too bad he can’t see what he is doing.  His illogical bigotryis showing and it is quite sad.  He could disagree that the Host is sacred, he could even say that from the top of the bell tower if he liked, or publish it on his blog.  But when he does something he knows will be inflammatory and offensive to a great number of people he is showing his disdain for the feelings and humanity of those people.  He is saying that he doesn’t just disagree with them but he has no respect for them or their beliefs and opinions.  That steps across the line from discourse and disagreement into bigotry.  

St Tarcisius


It is obvious that the genius professor hasn’t a clue about how people of faith think (and yes we can and do think).  You will not show the world how the Eucharist is nothing but a cracker no matter what you do to it.   Drop it in the Cuisinart, tack it to your cork board, burn it, crumble it… do what you will.  Christ and his followers have endured physical torment and even death for that little cracker.  St Tarcisius, at twelve, died rather than let his friends have the Eucharist and he is one of many and just a boy at that.  You aren’t exactly going to prove that it has no power by showing to the world the power it has by creating a furor over whatever it is you plan to do.  Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

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Catholic Basics – God loves you.

“Always remember, my dear young friend, that Almighty God loves you very much: for love of you He created the world, the sun, the stars, and everything else that exists.  He made your parents; He made you; He gave you your soul and your body.

Therefore, your most important duty is to know God, to serve God, and to love God with all your heart.”

Bishop Morrow —  My Friend, published 1949

Bernhard Plockhorst — The Good Shephard

I have always noted that in the dystopia literary works (Brave New World, 1984 and the like) that human relationship, human love is suppressed or redirected in some way.  A people comfortable and confident in their love for one another and their love of God and of God’s love for them are not easily led away from what is good.  We are made to love God and to love one another.  The catechism itself begins with the exhortation to love and serve God.  It is in this act that we find the expression of who we are, who we are meant to be, why we are here.  All those pressing questions are answered so succinctly we are here, made, born, fashioned and formed to love and serve God.   The life of every Saint points to this inevitable conclusion: nothing is more worth living or dieing for than the love of God and service to Him.

This is the most elemental, the most basic tenant of Catholic life.  I don’t say that to exclude non-Catholic Christians or even non-Christians.  The Church teaches that God has written the natural law in all human hearts, it is our natural state to long for what is good.  But the Catholic expression has a fullness that exists no where else.  We have the Sacraments instituted by Christ.  We have the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is a miracle.  It exists outside of time and space.  It exists wholly and completely in the supernatural realm.  It is a tangible expression for us to be able to partake in the divine love of God’s self-sacrifice over and over, it reconciles the beautiful impossibility of Christ being anointed the priest who sacrifices and the lamb that is sacrificed and the fruit of the earth feeding our body and the fruit of the spirit feeding our souls.  All this bathed in love.  For God so loved the world.

God became one of us, lives in all of us, we serve Him when we serve one another and when we fail to serve each other we fail to serve Him.   He takes upon us each of our sins when we let Him.  And it is this that makes it impossible for us not to be willing to forgive others when they harm us.  How can I not forgive my fellow man when Christ has paid for those wrongs with His own blood?   It is one of the mysteries of the Passion.  When Christ paid for all my sins He paid for all my enemy’s sins as well.  To hold those hurts against me against my fellow man is to hold them against Jesus Himself.  Thus Christ redeems us not only for ourselves, but heals the hurts we have between one another allowing us to love without limit.

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Tightwad Tuesday~Painless Ways to Save… ~

I saw this over at Happiest at Home.  So I had to join in.  Tightwad Tuesday is hosted by Mary at Raising 4 godly men.

I have two almost painless ways to save. 

The Magic We Need List –  I keep a list in my day planner of things we need or would really like.  Not things like groceries, but things like “a new 24″ bike”  or  “A china cupboard” .   This helps me keep from impulse buying and helps me plan major purchases.   I also keep a list of the “specs” of items we need infrequently, like the children’s shoe sizes, the size of the light bulbs in the office, the printer cartridge numbers in my planner so I can pick them up when I see them on sale without having to wait to be sure I have the correct item.

Craig’s List– We have found so many great deals on Craig’s list.  We got a cargo carrier for the van at a sixth of what it would have cost us.  My brother got a new oven – my friend found a bunch of life-vests for her kids.  It is just a great way to find items that we need (things on The Magic We Need List). It is like the never ending garage sale.

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Today’s To Dos

Here is my “to do” list for Monday, July 14.

Andreas Achenbach – Morning In The Potinian Marches

Lucky room of the day: The kitchen
Special project: Simple Summer Fling

Laundry… as much as I can
Unpack from camping
menu plan
work on “room by room” checklists
work on homeschool plans
go to the library & park
work on new blog roll
work on website project.

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I don’t want to grow up so fast.

William Bouguereau — L’Orage

Now, dear readers, hang on to something good and sturdy -yes, your desk might do – and prepare yourself for a shock.  I have just read an article that really astonished me.  “We don’t want to grow up so fast, say ‘stressed’ girls”  Really?  You mean our daughters just might not be prepared to fend off sexual advances at 12 and deal with the pressure to look like a model from a glamor magazine at 11?  Who knew???  Wow!  I am just floored.  I wouldn’t have ever guess that.  /end sarcasm.

Seriously, I am glad to see the media actually reporting on this, even though there have been books written on the topic for decades.   Even South Park pointed this out to us.  Girls aren’t ready to be women… that is why they are girls.  They aren’t even ready to be teenagers.  This whole concept of the “tween” seems to me to be just a sly way of marketing more mature items to girls giving them the idea that they aren’t “girls” they should be “Tweens”.   

FromWiki:Tween is a neologism and marketing term, especially in the West, which means roughly the same thing as preteen. It is a portmanteau of between and teen. The age range of tweens in generally considered to be eight to twelve years of age. Marketers describe the driving psychographic motivation of this group as desperately wanting to be a teen, but not about to stop being a kid.I encourage you to read the article.  Why we need to have a study to tell us that this society as a whole is placing way too much pressure on girls is a bit of a mystery to me, but at least one more article is out there with some sense.  Now if parents will listen to the research in stead of the marketing something might improve.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 14

he Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy, this is so much fun!

FOR TODAY : July 14, 2008
We got back from camping yesterday so today is definitely a little different than normal.

Outside My Window…  I am hopeful that today will not be as hot as yesterday.  I was wilting by the late afternoon.  When we upgraded our heating system we decided NOT to get air conditioning as we only really need it a few days out of the year.  SO for about a week two or three times every summer I regret that we didn’t do it.  This is probably going to be one of those weeks.
I am thinking… About the fantastic time we had camping.  I will post more on it later today, but it was such a great trip and I am SO happy we went.  (Thanks Jennifer for encouraging us to go!)
I am thankful for…All the wonderful people in our homeschool group.  They are such good parents and they have such great children.  I am so glad that my parents are here in town too, they took care of my dogs and plants.
From the kitchen… Nothing yet.  IF it isn’t too hot I will make some bread.  If it is I will restrict myself to cucumber salad.
I am wearing…  A black and white floral dress.
I am creating… The revised camping list.  I am also  working on some new plans for the fall.
I am going…  To take the children to the park this afternoon
I am reading…  One Man’s America, Laundry, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell and It’s All Too Much. 
I am hoping…  That the heat subsides at least a little.
I am hearing…  The fan.
Around the house… I have camping gear everywhere. Just like last week only now I am trying to get it all put away.
One of my favorite things… My embroidery threads.  They look so pretty in their box.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Recovering from the camping thing.  Ordering butterflies.  Finishing the homeschool plans for the fall and doing a good bit of reading.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…(coming later today)