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I don’t want to grow up so fast.

William Bouguereau — L’Orage

Now, dear readers, hang on to something good and sturdy -yes, your desk might do – and prepare yourself for a shock.  I have just read an article that really astonished me.  “We don’t want to grow up so fast, say ‘stressed’ girls”  Really?  You mean our daughters just might not be prepared to fend off sexual advances at 12 and deal with the pressure to look like a model from a glamor magazine at 11?  Who knew???  Wow!  I am just floored.  I wouldn’t have ever guess that.  /end sarcasm.

Seriously, I am glad to see the media actually reporting on this, even though there have been books written on the topic for decades.   Even South Park pointed this out to us.  Girls aren’t ready to be women… that is why they are girls.  They aren’t even ready to be teenagers.  This whole concept of the “tween” seems to me to be just a sly way of marketing more mature items to girls giving them the idea that they aren’t “girls” they should be “Tweens”.   

FromWiki:Tween is a neologism and marketing term, especially in the West, which means roughly the same thing as preteen. It is a portmanteau of between and teen. The age range of tweens in generally considered to be eight to twelve years of age. Marketers describe the driving psychographic motivation of this group as desperately wanting to be a teen, but not about to stop being a kid.I encourage you to read the article.  Why we need to have a study to tell us that this society as a whole is placing way too much pressure on girls is a bit of a mystery to me, but at least one more article is out there with some sense.  Now if parents will listen to the research in stead of the marketing something might improve.

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