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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 14

he Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy, this is so much fun!

FOR TODAY : July 14, 2008
We got back from camping yesterday so today is definitely a little different than normal.

Outside My Window…  I am hopeful that today will not be as hot as yesterday.  I was wilting by the late afternoon.  When we upgraded our heating system we decided NOT to get air conditioning as we only really need it a few days out of the year.  SO for about a week two or three times every summer I regret that we didn’t do it.  This is probably going to be one of those weeks.
I am thinking… About the fantastic time we had camping.  I will post more on it later today, but it was such a great trip and I am SO happy we went.  (Thanks Jennifer for encouraging us to go!)
I am thankful for…All the wonderful people in our homeschool group.  They are such good parents and they have such great children.  I am so glad that my parents are here in town too, they took care of my dogs and plants.
From the kitchen… Nothing yet.  IF it isn’t too hot I will make some bread.  If it is I will restrict myself to cucumber salad.
I am wearing…  A black and white floral dress.
I am creating… The revised camping list.  I am also  working on some new plans for the fall.
I am going…  To take the children to the park this afternoon
I am reading…  One Man’s America, Laundry, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell and It’s All Too Much. 
I am hoping…  That the heat subsides at least a little.
I am hearing…  The fan.
Around the house… I have camping gear everywhere. Just like last week only now I am trying to get it all put away.
One of my favorite things… My embroidery threads.  They look so pretty in their box.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  Recovering from the camping thing.  Ordering butterflies.  Finishing the homeschool plans for the fall and doing a good bit of reading.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…(coming later today)

4 thoughts on “The Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 14

  1. Good Morning, Darcee~

    I am so glad you all had such a wonderful time camping!! What a great memory you just built for your family. I love it when that happens. 🙂

    Stay cool this week – and hopefully this won’t turn into one of your two-three weeks each summer! If it does, pile the kids in the vehicle and hit the beach, lol! 🙂

    Have a lovely week!
    God Bless,

  2. Is there a public watering hole you can get to? I’ve been trying to keep my air off this summer, so on those sweltering afternoons, we head down to the local lake and swim. The water is cold, and the air is 5-10 degrees cooler there.

    Basically I agree with Shani! (I just looked up and saw what she wrote)

    Stay cool!

  3. It is a little cooler here today and I’m so glad. I just can’t stand the heat. 😦

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