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What a weird, sad, little person.

OK, I have a question for you: what might an associate professor at the University of Minnesota and a depressed and slightly delusional, 15 year old girl, who fancies herself a witch, have in common?  They BOTH want to desecrate the Eucharist… only the professor doesn’t have the balls to get the Host himself and instead asks his blog readers to do that part for him.   I know I am rather late to this story, but I just have to say something.  Paul Myers, it is too bad he can’t see what he is doing.  His illogical bigotryis showing and it is quite sad.  He could disagree that the Host is sacred, he could even say that from the top of the bell tower if he liked, or publish it on his blog.  But when he does something he knows will be inflammatory and offensive to a great number of people he is showing his disdain for the feelings and humanity of those people.  He is saying that he doesn’t just disagree with them but he has no respect for them or their beliefs and opinions.  That steps across the line from discourse and disagreement into bigotry.  

St Tarcisius


It is obvious that the genius professor hasn’t a clue about how people of faith think (and yes we can and do think).  You will not show the world how the Eucharist is nothing but a cracker no matter what you do to it.   Drop it in the Cuisinart, tack it to your cork board, burn it, crumble it… do what you will.  Christ and his followers have endured physical torment and even death for that little cracker.  St Tarcisius, at twelve, died rather than let his friends have the Eucharist and he is one of many and just a boy at that.  You aren’t exactly going to prove that it has no power by showing to the world the power it has by creating a furor over whatever it is you plan to do.  Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

3 thoughts on “What a weird, sad, little person.

  1. Having been in academe almost to the end of a doctorate, I can honestly say that people like Meyer are the minority. But, ugh. The whole situation makes me sick.

  2. Certainly Jen,

    I will say that I have seen a good bit of the ridicules on college campuses, but this is a bit beyond the usual.

    It is almost like a little boy. He sticks his tongue out and wiggles his fingers in his ears, makes himself fart or burp and thinks it’s funny to get a rise out of people. I wish I could just tell him, “for crying out loud – just grow up. Realize that people will believe things you don’t and if you can’t be reasonably mature about the fact that others value things you don’t at least have the common sense to not prove the point in direct opposition to your own point.” Irony in its purist form.

  3. Oh agreed. Nobody is forcing him to have anything to do with the big, bad, scary CAtholic Church. I mean, it would be like if I went out of my way to kick Mormon missionaries in the shins. Sure, I think a lot of their beliefs are silly, but why go out of my way to ruin someone’s day? They aren’t hurting me. We’re not hurting him. Heck, before his little tantrum, I didn’t even know of his existence.

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