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Our Daily Bread - 	 Anders Zorn
Our Daily Bread - Anders Zorn

I read this over at  “In the Heart of my Home” :  “I woke up in the morning after a very bad day and was reminded once more that God grants grace sufficient for the day. Every Single Day. My success lies in being open to every last bit of that grace.”

There is something so profound there.  It pulls to mind the scripture Matthew 6:34 “Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for a day is its own evil.”  God is very much the God of this moment.   One thing I used to tell my CCD class was to pray every morning that they would live the day in accordance to God’s will.  Lord, lead me today to do your will in all things.  It is so easy to get caught up in the milieu of the day and to miss those things God would have us do.  Sometimes I get so caught up trying to take care of the stage that I miss the play.  Martha takes over and I forget to sit with Jesus.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – September 15, 2008

The Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by
Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : September 15, 2008
Beuatiful and clear Indian Summer.  

Outside my Window – Today is clear, cool and beautiful.  There are a few trees in the neighborhood that are just starting to turn.

I am thinking –I have let myself get off track the last couple weeks and things are starting to pile up a little.

From the learning rooms – We will be starting back with music and art this week.  Hopefully we will also be doing and outing for civics.

I am thankful for Good friends.  I was given a Beta key for WoW… woot!

From the kitchen – Warm coffee so far.  We will be having some chocolate cake today.

I am wearing  My brown capris and a comfy top.  Lot’s of work today.

I am reading – Starship troopers.  Yes, that seems like an odd selection, especially if you have only seen the movie, but this is about the third time I have read it.  It is short and insightful.  Great stuff.

I am hoping – That I can manage to get at least part of me “Todo” list done today.
I am creating – Knitting Hannah’s sweater and making plans for Halloween.

I am hearing –  The kids are yelling a lot this morning.  Apparently they are pirates.

Around the house – I am going to start twitching if I think about this too much.

One of my favorite things – The little “survivor” fern that managed to live through being forgotten along the side of a planter, not watered, sunbaked and still recovered. It is looking really healthy at the moment.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week – Kyle is traveling this week.  Still! He was gone last week as well and this is a big part of why I am so off with everything.  He will be home Friday.  Josh’s birthday is today.  Ashley’s confirmation practice is tonight, then she is Confirmed on Wednesday. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you – (bonus three)

This little guy is turning five today.



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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – August 25, 2008

he Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : August 25, 2008
A bit of rain, a little cooler, summer seems to be giving up on us.  

Outside My Window… There are gray clouds outside.  The apple tree is still heavy with fruit.  The recent rains have watered the lawn and it is starting to green up a bit.  My rosemary has hit a growing streak and I can see the tips of new growth over my window sill.
I am thinking…  This week I am working on so many things it is hard to keep everything straight.
I am thankful for…  My dad and brother getting back from their race car thing safely.
From the kitchen… I have my coffee this morning.  Tonight we are having homemade mac and cheese which will make the children wildly happy. 
I am wearing…  a pink sweater and brown capris.  
I am creating…  This isn’t a creating week, this week is a week to gather all my loose ends and then head out for the cabin.
I am going…  To the Cabin this weekend with the children. 
I am reading…  In Defense of Food. 
I am hoping…  That I get those things I need to get done taken care of.
I am hearing…  A bit of early morning traffic, one lone song bird.   
Around the house…  I need to get the packing done for the cabin.  I am working on week two of my Holiday Grand Plan thing.  
One of my favorite things…  The rich smokey smell when the neighbor is curring salmon.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Lots of cleaning and packing, getting ready for our Cabin trip.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

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Holiday Grand Plan Week One.

The Official Holiday Grand Plan starts on August 31.  In order to accommodate the Advent season I am starting earlier, this week, and I hope to have everything in order and ready for a calm and spiritual Advent season.

Week One
It is the middle of August and December Holidays and the cold and snow of winter seem a million miles away, but we all know that they are right around the corner.  It is also a busy time for moms.  School is starting, the summer is ended, there are peaches to preserve and weeds to pull and all those small projects that need doing in between squeezing in a last bit of summer fun or beating off the late summer heat. 

Cleaning:  The front porch is the space on the agenda this week.    While I am outside looking at my front porch I am also looking around the outside of the house and making some notes for the fall maintenance.  The cleaning list linked above is a good place to start. 

Planning:  I use my family planning notebook instead of a separate holiday planner.  This is called “List week” because you are setting up your lists.  I have the following that I am making:

Gift list – who we are shopping for
Card list – collect and update addresses
Parties – which parties we will host
Menus – menus for the holiday meals we will be hosting and rough menus for the Holiday season.
Decorating – plan for decorating for Advent and Christmas
Baking – plan for the baking needs for gifts and goodies
Devotionals – what devotionals will we be doing during Advent/Christmas and what supplies we will need
Traditions – things we enjoy doing as a family or things we might want to experience this year for the first time.

The main goals of the lists at this point are to decide a rough budget and space out the shopping for the Holidays, make sure that we have things we need ready (no shopping for Advent Candles the day after Thanksgiving), and to just get a handle on things.

I am not printing out additional calendar pages, because my master planner has the calendar in it already.   Most lists I make on the computer and then print out lists that I need for my dayrunner or my family planning notebook as needed.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – August 4, 2008

he Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by Peggy at the Simple Woman.
Thank you Peggy.

FOR TODAY : August 4, 2008
Swimming lessons, sourdough and a bunch of organising.  

Outside My Window… Another lovely summer morning.  The sky is blue, the trees are green the flowers are blooming.
I am thinking… About how much I need to do this week.
I am thankful for… Swim lessons.  The children have such a great time going to swim lessons.
From the kitchen… Sour dough bread today. 
I am wearing… brown pants and a olive colored shirt.  
I am creating…  I got my knitting back from my Mother in Law’s so I will have something to work on while I am appointment hopping this morning.
I am going…  I have a Dr appointment this morning and then we have swim lessons.
I am reading…  Laundry, and A Mother’s Rule of Life. 
I am hoping…  For so many things.
I am hearing…  My oldest son got up early and is playing with some toy in the living room.  “Jump!. Roll!   Dodge!”  a battle maybe? 
Around the house… I am preparing a new garden bed almost done there. 
One of my favorite things… My Stand mixer.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I have some work, swim lessons, sewing maybe and a lot of organizing.

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

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Today’s To Dos

Here is my “to do” list for Monday, July 14.

Andreas Achenbach – Morning In The Potinian Marches

Lucky room of the day: The kitchen
Special project: Simple Summer Fling

Laundry… as much as I can
Unpack from camping
menu plan
work on “room by room” checklists
work on homeschool plans
go to the library & park
work on new blog roll
work on website project.

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The Simple Summer Fling — Day 5

The Simple Summer Fling Day 5 – I have two windows in my office with deep sills and they end up accumulating stuff.  While I started cleaning the first one off I ended up thinking that the curtains seriously needed washed, but I can’t wash just one curtain in the room –  bad habit of mine –  getting side  tracked into bigger projects than I started with.  So I took all the curtains down and tossed them in the washer.  This made my window a two day project… yeah me (eye roll).

here is the result so far.


after one day

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – June 30

the Simple Woman’s Daybook
is hosted by Peggy at the Simple Woman.

FOR TODAY June 30, 2008

Outside My Window…  The weekend started out very hot; yesterday there were thunder storms and a bit of rain.  Today is supposed to be warm and nice.  The sky is hazy, the trees and grass still have a sheen from the rain and sew.
I am thinking… About the idea that I need to work on follow through more.  I am really good at planning – the follow through not so much.
I am thankful for… My Dad.  His birthday was yesterday and we had BBQ at his house.  So much fun.
From the kitchen… I need to make some bread.  This week  I will also be making cookies, lemon bars and a cake.
I am wearing…  Black skirts and a t-shirt.
I am creating… I am cutting out two aprons today to sew up.
I am going…  To work on my Summer Fling today.  This has been a great thing for me, I have been organizing the shelves in my house that don’t get attention otherwise.
I am reading…  Laundry, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norell and It’s All Too Much. 
I am hoping…  That the forth is nice.
I am hearing… Cars this morning.  People heading out to drive into town to work
Around the house… I need to get to work deep cleaning the kitchen.
One of my favorite things… My jewlery box.  It folds in on itself like a puzzle box. 
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Sew some, we are going to do a short summer school unit on Independence day.
Here is picture thought I am sharing…

the kiddos last summer at the cabin