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The Simple Summer Fling — Day 5

The Simple Summer Fling Day 5 – I have two windows in my office with deep sills and they end up accumulating stuff.  While I started cleaning the first one off I ended up thinking that the curtains seriously needed washed, but I can’t wash just one curtain in the room –  bad habit of mine –  getting side  tracked into bigger projects than I started with.  So I took all the curtains down and tossed them in the washer.  This made my window a two day project… yeah me (eye roll).

here is the result so far.


after one day

Homemaking · Mary Mary and Martha · My world · Simplicity · Summer Fling

The Simple Summer Fling

After getting horrible side tracked the last week.  I am starting my Simple Summer Fling: One small step at a time.  It offically begins on Monday,  June 23rd.

The goal to reorganize 30 small areas of my house over the next 6 weeks.

The important points:

One — This is summer I don’t want to get bogged down reorganizing the entire kitchen in one day.

Small— one shelf, one drawer, half a closet, the top of the entertainment center.  Something that can be tackled and done in less than half an hour.

Consistant — A little each day will go a long way.

Thoughtful — I want to be sure to assess what the area’s problem is before I take it on.

Accountability — Yes, I am going to be posting before and after shots for this one.

That is it.  As with the trash-bag challenge feel free to adapt this to your own situation and if you want to join in send me a link to your blog or leave a comment here.