A boy’s prayer.

I am passing this prayer request on for a family in my homeschool group.  Their son had a growth on his toe removed earlier this year and it grew back requiring a second surgery which their insurance wasn’t going to cover.   Here is her latest email:

I wanted to give you all an update on Joshua.  I am still in awe at the generosity of his Doctor for not only doing the surgery for free up arraigning the surgery center and the anesthesiologist for free also.  We made cookies and Joshua made him a thank you card but I have been feeling that I needed to do more.  Yesterday Joshua went to have his stitches taken out and I truly believe God let me know what I was supposed to do for him.  I am now asking for all of your help in this.  Joshua told his Dr. “Happy Fathers Day”.  His Dr. replies as of now I am only father to two dogs he then said that sometimes it is hard for some woman to have a baby. He then went on to say that he and his wife would like nothing more then to have a baby.  Joshua then said I will pray for you every day so you can have a baby.  I saw how touched he was by this and said if it happens in the next couple of months that it will be because of you Joshua.  I realize at this point this is what I can do for him.  I ask you all for your help in this.  I know how powerful the prayers in this group are.  Could you all please help me in this a say a prayer for Dr. Jason S. and his wife so that they may know the joys of parenthood.

Thank you and God Bless- 
I hope you will join me in praying for this special request.


2 thoughts on “A boy’s prayer.

  1. I will certainly pray.
    Thank you for visiting WhiteStoneNameSeeker.
    it’s good to see another homeschooling mum. My homeschool blog is a WordPress one.

    God bless

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