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When I Pray it Changes Me

Over at The Court Jester Jeff Miller writes :  Some time ago I also started to pray for him as I try to do for the priests of the parishes I attend.  A couple of months ago I was surprised to find how my attitude had changed towards Fr. Sullivan. Before seeing him with his idiosyncrasies and casual treatment of the Mass could cause me to get rather heated inside, but instead I started to become more aware of the positive things that he did and the negative ones made less of an impression on me or I could more easily ignore.

I find this is often the case for myself and one reason why I try to remind my children that if someone is really annoying you pray for them.  Prayer helps put you in God’s frame where you can more easily see the good in your fellow human and be more forgiving of the bad.  Christ loved that annoying person enough to die for them; there must be some good in there somewhere.   Even if it is hard to find.  So I try to be slow to give-up on people.  But it is prayer that makes the most difference.  It is very difficult to judge harshly someone for whom you are praying.