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For my Children

vocationtag1.jpgThis is something I have been working on for quite some time in my head, but I am letting the cat out of the box today.

I feel a very strong call to help foster vocations as much as I can.  To help this I am starting a small endevour online as part of this blog.  Mother’s for Vocations.  It is my firm belief that, while God calls many young people to religious life a good number of them are diswaded from answering this call by their parents.   Sometime it isn’t even the parent’s intention, but it is the result of the way children are commonly raised to view their life goals as educational, family and career oriented… not based on the vocation that God has for them.   But I think many parents want to support their children in their vocation but are somewhat at a loss when it comes to how that should play out in their daily family life.

So here is my tiny offering for now.  I will be expanding this as time and my imagination and God’s will allows.

Mother’s for Vocations.

“Mary, Mother of Vocations, pray for us.”

A while back I posted on vocations and ways I feel that parents can encourage vocations for their children.  You can read those thoughts here.