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The community of saints

This weekend I was AFK.  I was traveling on business to Tulsa Ok, and I brought the baby girl with me.  She still nurses at night and is very much “momma’s baby” so I was glad that my work allows me the freedom to blend being a mommy so wonderfully with being a web developer. 

Traveling with a baby can actually be a lot of fun.  Baby girl is 20 months and really a pro now at the ins and outs of airports.  We get window seating so that she can look out at the clouds and we are usually very lucky in that we don’t sit right next to cranky people like the gentleman who sat behind us for our first leg and rather loudly (rudely) announced to his seat mates, “I HATE sitting on a plan with wailing babies”.  Idiot, like anyone enjoys sitting near a crying baby, most especially baby’s parents who are having to deal with their child’s discomfort and their own angst at knowing that the other passengers are not really enjoying their bundle of joy.  But… I digress.  Most people, and everyone I sat next to this trip, are really great to babies and the mom’s traveling with them. 

On the first leg of our trip home we happened to sit next to a young man.  We passed a few words about life, he has a baby daughter.   We talked about the work we do, he works in radio and somewhere mentioned “ministry” so I was thinking he worked for a Christian radio show.  He talked about some audio books he is working on and I asked about the author, “You probably haven’t heard of him,  G.K. Chesterton”.

“Really!” I said, “oh that is so cool!”  And so it was that one of the “passwords” was said and it was just a question or two from one or the other of us before we determined that we are both “members of the club”.  It was remarkable how much in common we had.   My companion didn’t find it that remarkable as we were both part of the community of saints.  And he is right, we are both part of the Body of Christ. 

All in all it was a wonderful trip.  Our meeting was fantastically productive, it was good to see some old friends again.  Now I am back feeling really energized and ready to work and write and continue becoming who I am.


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