small and hidden

When I was in Vienna I spent a day just going into churches.  This was before my conversion to the Catholic faith, but I love these huge beautiful churches.  In one church I was walking through admiring all  the beautiful work and in one corner, behind a pillar where few if any people would ever see, was the most delicately painted angel – small and hidden.  Who knows who painted this little master piece, some unknown apprentice – but the love of the artist gleamed through this little angel’s face.  It reflected not just the talent of the artist but the love of God which fired the heart and created art.

I saw this video for the first time today and obviously it resonated with me.  I couldn’t help be draw the parallel with St. Therese and her “little way” of Mother Theresa’s thoughts on the importance of doing small things with great love. It seems a perfect thing to share for Lent.

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