Two kinds of Lent

I seem to have two kinds of Lent.  The first is that kind of Lent where I do Lent.  I think a bit before hand, I give up something that is difficult, but not overwhelming.  I read more, I pray more, I attend mass regularly and it is really a good experience – I am richer for it by the end.  I feel closer to God on Easter and life is good.  That is not the kind of Lent I am having this year.

This year Lent is one of those that happens to me.   I don’t feel quite prepared in the first place and then it just sort of happens.   Sad things happen, tragic things even.  Or good things happen but they bring their own basket of stress and worry.  There is beauty and joy — warmer days, blossoming trees, good friends, happy children, and life and spring, but the on the balance it feels hard.   Then Easter comes and it feels different.  It is a finish line;  it is a door to walk through and leave Lent behind.  I find myself closer to God because I have needed him so much and life is precious.  That is  the Lent we are having this year.

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