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My morning news

Funny: A couple of “yobs” thought they were attacking a pair of cross-dressers and end up getting a just beating at the hands of the “cage-fighters” in fancy dress.    Since I don’t think young men should be wondering about beating up the mentally ill I like that these boys bit off more than they could chew, but the fact that it was captured on those ubiquitous British street safety cams seems sort of “Brave New World”ish to me.   — Daily Mail

Touching: A mother hears her baby’s voice and renews her fight for life while in a coma. — Daily Mail

Smart: Who would have thought?  Science is great for the questions of how, where, and when but why is frequently a theological question.  Theology and science are no more enemies than hammers and saws — different tools, both needed for well constructed thoughts.  — Zenit

Dumb: Obviously if children just get more instruction on how to use condoms they will stop contracting STDs.    — CNA

Heroic: Catholic sisters save their “flock” of 320 school children from a Tsunami with smart thinking and quick on the foot action.  —CNA

Tragic: A brave priest is gunned down in Mexico by drug cartels the Church struggles to help stop the escalating violence in Mexico.  — Christian Science Monitor

Interesting: I want to hear more of this from politicians:   “I see a country where more children grow up with security and love because family life comes first. I see a country where you choose the most important things in life – the school your child goes to and the healthcare you get.”  -David Cameron   –Daily Mail

Health care: The problems in our health care system are so complex that one bill won’t even being to address them and any bill that tries is destined to make the problems worse.   This article at NPR talks about differences in doctor’s practices and the results for patients – true is the conclusion that more care is often not better, but I wonder what conclusions the average NPR reader will draw from that fact.  — NPR

Sick: Someone please feed that girl a sandwich and while we are at it put away the Photoshop.  Bad enough that our culture defines beauty as flawless face atop a 13 year old boy’s body, but when even the models aren’t “prefect” enough we have a problem.   —Shine

Reason #546 to homeschool: A sick child sent home with total strangers?  wow.  And a local story too.  — KATU

Paisley, Oregon: Don’t worry if you don’t know where it is.  Not many people do.  –-OPB

Off the Grid: This sounds really interesting.  Solar panels have some issues, but I would love to be able to lower my energy-cost and be less dependent on the “grid”.  — OPB

Homeschooling: An interesting little about the economy driving some parents to homeschool. —  Greenville Online

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