It is a cold day

Where to start.  I haven’t been writing because I haven’t felt like writing about what I am thinking about and I can’t very well write about anything else.

Three weeks ago we went to the Dr, we were excited about the fact that we were expecting – we learned that the baby had stopped developing at 7 weeks.  We were asked to come back the next week because sometimes things work out, but cautioned about getting our hopes too high.  The next week confirmed that the baby had in fact died and that we needed to wait.  Wait for my body to catch up to reality.   Then late Friday I started bleeding, a few hours later it started to feel out of control, serious, call the dr time.  He, as expected, sent me to the emergency room and a few hours later I was in surgery, now I am “fine”.  Except I am cold, empty, tired and my head is barely catching up to my body and my heart is still lagging way behind.  I feel on the edge of hysterical saved only by the fact that I don’t have enough energy to be anything other than mildly depressed.


Thousands across Britain queuing for a glimpse of Little Flower

She was a simple French girl who died a century ago. So why are thousands across Britain queuing for a glimpse of Little Flower?

I read this article in the from the British Daily Mail Online and
thought you all might enjoy it as much as I did. The Little Flower
is taking Britain by storm. It is full of wonderful little trivia
tid-bits about her relics and about her life and the lives this
wonderful Saint has touched. I hope you enjoy it.


It is Friday already?

Yes, yes it is.   Last weekend we were at the cabin.  320 some miles from here to there.   But it is so worth it.  We started our drive in absolutely pouring rain at 5:30 in the morning.   But that turned out to be a good plan as we got there at noon even with taking a couple rest stop breaks.  Hopefully I will find my camera today and be able to post a few pictures.

My world

The edge of summer

Yesterday I made up a big batch of tomato sauce.  I used the tomatoes from my parent’s garden and stewed them down most the day then ran the sauce through the food mill.  The resulting sauce is really lovely.  Last week I put up some peaches and this week I hope to get the pesto up.   Saturday we will be going down to the cabin for a couple days.  This is something I look forward to every year.