Sewing Halloween

Each year I sew Halloween costumes for my children under 13.   A mouse, a turtle, an elephant, pirates, princesses, a grim reaper, Joan of Arc, a version of my husband’s WoW character and even a Swiss Guard have appeared from under my thread and needle.  The children start thinking about their costumes in mid-summer and they play “dress-up” in them all year long.  It is one of our most loved traditions.

The children dress up and happily knock on the doors of the neighbors to score some candy, then we pack up and go to my parent’s house and then come home for some warm cider and too much sugar.  All in all a great night.  Rachel loves Halloween more than any other holiday – the social interaction is predictable and all the neighbors are happy to give her candy.

It kind of saddens me to see how controversial Halloween can be sometimes.  What was good, clean fun when I was a child has been morphed in some minds to either a celebration of the occult or a highly dangerous activity.