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People can be so confusing

I suppose most homeschooling parents have had this sort of thing happen to them, they will meet someone and the homeschooling thing will come up and the new person will say “Oh, I couldn’t do that — I am just so happy when school starts at the end of summer.”    One of those smile and nod moments.

A while back I was at the grocery store and the four younger ones were helping unload the cart and a woman in the next line turned to her son, who was about my Christopher’s age, and said “Why aren’t you helpful like those kids?”   She said this loud enough for us to hear and the children all looked at me not quite sure if they should say “thank you” for the compliment or what they should do.  I felt sorry for her son.  My children certainly aren’t perfect angels and they have had more than their fair share of “moments” while shopping – but still.
Not sure why I am thinking about this. I tend to over think things quite often.