My world


So I have been away from blogging for a few weeks.

No crisis, no big revelations, no long vacation.  Just a break.  It is all good.

Of course I have no idea what to write at this point.

We went to the coast this weekend.  This was the typical clan thomason trip – meaning we failed to plan this out at all, sort of did it by the seat of our pants, but still had a good time.

(( my computer absence sort of started with my system being infected with a nasty trojan (rootkit) that caused me endless greif))

Saturday’s trip reminded me yet again that I need check lists.  ((an ipod touch looks sort of neat – really a shuffle would be fine and a nano more than I need))   We didn’t do horrible with the coast trip.  At least we remembered to bring a change of clothing for the children… lunch would have been good to bring to though and a change of clothing for us – swimsuits even better.  The Oregon coast isn’t the nicest place to swim, but there is something about the water that is irresistible.   Just standing hip deep in the water and letting the waves hit you is fun.

(( the children are very excited about going to the pool today))  We love going on our hikes and day trips.  Just need to be sure we plan slightly better.

Yes, a change of clothing for me would have been nice.
Yes, a change of clothing for me would have been nice.