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A Lady Reading the News - Carl Larsson
A Lady Reading the News - Carl Larsson

A while back a friend asked me what news site I read.  Here is a list of the sites I most commonly read for the news.  I don’t read every site every day, in fact most days I just skim the headlines of a couple of them and go from there.  I try to balance my desire for mostly conservative information with the reality that not everyone sees the world as I do and I like to get a smattering of British, German and Israeli news because they often have very different perspectives on the world.

I have set this page in the sidebar here for permanent reference here: News and World Events

Catholic News:

Catholic Culture: News


CNA : Catholic News Agency

EWTN: News

World News:

Christian Science Monitor

Telegraph world

The economist

Daily Mail

Deutshe  Welle

Jerusalem Post

Political and US News (rather all right leaning):


Hot Air

The Anchoress and First Things


Wall Street Journal

and then to balance it all a bit of


Local News:

Random local station (actually KATU)

OPB Oregon News

Special interest stuff:

Life News

Organic Food


Home school Legal Defense Association News

2 thoughts on “News and World Events

  1. Very interesting list. I will refer back to it. (I love reading news. Your picture above is touching. She looks so relaxed. And believe it or not, listening or reading news is relaxing to me too. I don’t know why.

  2. That’s a very extensive list!!!
    Thanks for setting the world news in the sidebar…now I’ve a quick place to check it out!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on BENMAKESTEN! I hope you will consider following and joining us often!

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