News and World Events

A Lady Reading the News - Carl Larsson
A Lady Reading the News - Carl Larsson

A while back a friend asked me what news site I read.  Here is a list of the sites I most commonly read for the news.  I don’t read every site every day, in fact most days I just skim the headlines of a couple of them and go from there.  I try to balance my desire for mostly conservative information with the reality that not everyone sees the world as I do and I like to get a smattering of British, German and Israeli news because they often have very different perspectives on the world.

Catholic News:

Catholic Culture: News


CNA : Catholic News Agency

EWTN: News

World News:

Christian Science Monitor

Telegraph world

The economist

Daily Mail

Deutshe  Welle

Jerusalem Post

Political and US News (rather all right leaning):


Hot Air

The Anchoress and First Things


Wall Street Journal

and then to balance it all a bit of


Local News:

Random local station (actually KATU)

OPB Oregon News

Special interest stuff:

Life News

Organic Food


Home school Legal Defense Association News

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