Mary Mary and Martha

Keeping the Home

This is the one area I struggle with the most.  I am not naturally ordered or neat.  It is an absolute monumental task for me to keep the house in any near state of order.  But it is also something that I continue to work on. 

I find that order is helpful to keeping things calm and pleasant. 

Here are a few random ideas.  This is more a stub to come back and work on more later, but I really want to get these out here now.

1. There are many great programs out there, but don’t feel like a failure if a particular program (cough cough Flylady cough) doesn’t work for you.  Try something else.

2.  Lists are very helpful to me they might be for you.  Check out The Grand Plan

3. Watch out for over accumulation.  It is much more difficult to keep up with the laundry, dishes, toys and books if you have too many of them to start with.  Pare down the amount of what you own and you cut your work load.

4.  Enlist the army.  Many hands make light work — big families make lots of messes, but there are more people to help keep it up.  Everyone who can walk can do something.  (I am serious there.. when I am picking up I try to have even the baby do a little bit.)

5. Make a plan and work the plan.  Only you can really decide what needs to be done when, but there are tools to help. has a nice little tool to help schedule things.  ( I will blog more on that later)

6 Go for simplicity in decorating.   Form should always follow function.  Yes, the stainless steal fridge looks great in the show room, but is it going to show every single fingerprint?

7.  Use a timer if you dread cleaning or get distracted easily.

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