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So sad and so much love.

 The anchoress shares one of those heart-wrenching stories of infant loss.

Personal sharing time. It seems like most the women I know are expecting right now. (Something in the water at Holy Rosary) a good number of them are older than me or have more children than me. I am seriously envious, yet I am seriously afraid to have another baby. I worried so much with Sarah that something would be wrong with her… yet here she is so perfect and healthy. I am sitting in stunned admiration of those who live and love and love life so much for such a short amount of time.

Blogs I Know · Caritas

there is no vocation crisis

 “… there is no vocation crisis, it is a crisis in response. Challenge the young men of your parish to respond, because they want and need the challenge.”

Father Kyle at “Called by Name” give us this gem. It is so true. “you’d make a great priest” spoken by a random parishioner to a young man can be just the thing he needs to hold onto to see what is possible. Don’t forget to encourage your young men, the boys in your parish, to think about the priesthood.