Catholic Homeschooling

Catholic Homeschooling

We are a Catholic, homeschooling family.

Homeschooling was our response to a small crisis that was created when the parish school our children had been attending raised its tuition.  We simply couldn’t afford to pay the tuition.  Our options became limited, we could either homeschool or enroll our children in the public school.  The decision was remarkably easy once it was made and we have had no regrets about the choice. 

We are very lucky in several ways.  First we aren’t alone in this by any means.  My mother is a veteran teacher, and while she isn’t a big fan of homeschooling in general she has been incrediably supportive of our homeschooling.  We are blessed to live in an area with an active Catholic homeschooling community.  These are traditional Catholics.  The center of this community is Holy Rosary Parish.  It is so delightful to walk into a room of parents who are all open to life, loyal to the magisterium of the Church, and homeschooling.  The group has a co-op of sorts which hosts a variety of lessons.    The support of our decision to homeschool is there, thick and rich.   When combined with other community and online resources it is almost overwhelming. There is no lack of educational and social options.

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