Spring cleaning

Lent is a good time to work on spring cleaning. I find myself in more of a mind to let go of things, to start new and to refocus.

My household is a busy place. I have a small homebased business, we have five children in the household and one who is in a residential placement, we homeschool and we are not naturally “stuff-organized” to start with. Our normal decorating style is “tornado just blew through”.

Enter Lent. I look around my home and think “something has to change”. I think this about once a fortnight, but Lent seems to give it a bit of added importance. Cobwebs need to come down, out grown clothing needs to be sorted for storing or donation, toys, books, papers, art supplies, kitchen gadgets all beg for attention.

There are many good organizational resources online if you are looking for a starting place search for “home organization” or “homemaking” a very popular site is “Flylady” I find the Flylady annoying, but I have friends who just swear by her methods. In all honesty her approach is very sound, but all those emails and the constant marketing of the latest “Fly thing” bugs me and it is a wee bit touchy feely for me… I don’t need to learn to finally love myself, I love myself just fine, thank you, but housekeeping is a bit overwhelming for me.

Our most pressing housekeeping issue is stuff. We just simply have to much. We have too many clothes, too many toys and – though it seems impossible – too many books. Storage isn’t a huge issue for us, we have plenty of space, but stuff is.

I am working on my Lenten Organization and Spring Cleaning plan. As I complete sections I will post them here in case anyone else finds them useful (and for easy reference for myself of course)