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How Did I Get There Again?

There is one thing I find over and over again while reading Catholic Homemaking, Catholic Homeschooling and Catholic women’s blogs You are always only three clicks away from some seriously out there sola scriptura site or protestant woman’s site or group.. I do not mean that someone is linking to “Oh my goodness this is out there” either. What I mean is one lady will blogroll a site who will link something like “Ladies Against Feminism” or “Joyce Meyer”.

I have noticed that sites dedicated to liturgy, politics, apologetics and the like do not suffer from this problem nearly as much. I tend to think this might be because there is a wider range of Catholic voices on these topics and there is a rather narrow range of Catholic voices that are homeschooling, stay-at-home, Catholic moms. We tend to draw on non-Catholic reasourses more because of this. I suppose it is a form of plunder. Going in reading what isn’t objectionable, and putting to use that which is good hoping to leave the rest behind. But it does lead to some interesting time wasting in the afternoon when you end up at a site that is advocating that girls not spend too much time in acquiring an education because… well you know the BIBLE doesn’t have any good verses about women being programmers, historians, or graphic developers… no the Bible only lists midwifery and household servants as good jobs for woman. I wonder why men aren’t held to the same “Biblical” standard….. but I digress.  Honestly a reader is more likely to browse into a completely secular site, but those bother me less somehow. So my promise to you, Dear Reader, any time I link to a site that is not Catholic I will do my best to forewarn you.