Faith in Action

Parish opens its doors to parenting teens.

Sometimes the press’ take on thing relating to the Catholic Church amuses me to no end. Take for example this article in the New York Post.

Queen of Peace parish in Kew Gardens Hills has open the doors of its school building to the Ida B. Wells School for pregnant and parenting girls. The parish lost its school due to declining enrollment and the girls needed a refuge from the “dilapidated building in Jamaica”. The article’s author seems to be stuck in an “oh wow that is odd” mindset with clichés like “Strange bedfellows” and points to an “obvious clash of sensibilities”. But I see nothing odd or even remarkable about the arrangement. The parish lets the 80 students and 50 babies attend classes in its buildings with the provision that any course conflicting with Church teaching be given at a nearby public school and not on parish property. It all seems reasonable to me.

But… What a good thing to see. Not just that the secular press is reporting on the story, but that the girls have a place to go where they and their children can be safe and warm. Where they can receive and education and hope to improve their lives and the lives of their children. 

While I am not a huge fan of public education  I hope that they see much success.

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