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Some people just have no sense, or at least they have no sense of humor.

If you came here recently because you were:

1. Shocked an appalled the two religious denominations would argue a doctrinal point on their reader boards.

2. Horrified that some Catholic Parish out there is teaching that animals have souls.

3. Confirming your opinion that all Catholics are nuts as is proven on a parish’s reader board.

4. Led to believe that all  Presbyterians are cruel and heartless because they think animals don’t have souls.

or you if otherwise have your knickers in a bunch over this old post, let me help you out.

First off the entire thing is a JOKE (you might need to acquire something called a sense of humor to get this. Shocking but true, even us wacky Catholics have a sense of humor).

The signs in question aren’t even real.  You can make your very own reader board signs here.  No, I did not make those they were sent to me by a friend.

Secondly, no, the Catholic church doesn’t explicitly teach that all dogs go to Heaven,  but there is a definite theological reason to believe that all creation, including all animals and rocks will exist in the fullness of time.  I wrote a while back when asked about a Catholic grieving a pet:

If you look over at Catholic Answers there is a pretty good answer. The short of it is that we just aren’t sure what happens to animals. While we know they have spirits, animus, they don’t have the indwelling spirit of God, a soul. An animal acts on nature and instinct, they do not have a moral sense. Animals can’t sin, they therefore can neither deserve hell nor merit heaven, but they are part of creation destined to be renewed in the world to come.

I like the CCC quote from the Catholic Answers article: The visible universe, then, is itself destined to be transformed, “so that the world itself, restored to its original state, facing no further obstacles, should be at the service of the just,” sharing their glorification in the risen Jesus Christ

Finally, I have no idea what Presbyterians actually teach about animals in heaven.   Either way I wouldn’t think they were crazy or even wrong… I suppose a very good argument could be made for either case.  I just can’t see it as that big of a deal – I doubt anyone is going to hell because they think Fido will be going to heaven and likewise I don’t think belief in an animal afterlife is listed as a required tenet of anyone’s faith.    So serriously lighten up.

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Sarah Palin, Special Olympics and reality check

Ok, so apparently our President said something surprisingly stupid and impolitic on  Jay Leno describing his bowling as Special Olympic worthy.   I really can’t get that worked up about it.  I know I should – Rachel has competed in several SO track events (and she likes to bowl), my cousin Brian won a silver medal in track at the Special Olympics world meet (a big deal, his family traveled out to Toronto and everything) but I guess I just don’t have the energy to really get upset about this.   It was dumb to say  — but coming from the same lips as “punished with a baby”,  I am just not surprised enough to get upset.   In the end  I think this (Special Olympics Champ to Barack: Bring it On!)  is the best response possible.

In one way I am sort of grateful for the gaffe (if you want to call it that) in that it unearthed this video.  Apparently in the rush to defend the president some of the die hard faithful Obama supports (or maybe those who just really hate Sarah Palin) brought this video to light.

What is the difference between a Hockey-mom and a Special Olympics Hockey-mom?  Nothing.   Perfect.  I also like how she talks about the absolute terror of knowing that your child is disabled and how love melts those fears away.  Say whatever you like about her, but this I absolutely respect: she lives this, and is open about it.  Plus it gives me my little excuse to say Special Olympics is wonderful.

Back when I was working downtown I would occasionally take the evening bus home.  One my route was a gentlemen who (I think) was autistic.  We got on the 72 at the same stop and I started talking to him.  I noticed he had a medal and asked him about it.  He had won it in the Special Olympic because he had ran “really, really fast”.  I told him that was really cool and that my little girl ran in the Special Olympics.  “Is she fast too?” he asked.  Yeah, she is fast.  I couldn’t even guess how many years that medal hung around that gentleman’s neck.  But he wore it everyday that I saw him.  It obviously meant a great deal to him.

Our world can be very hard for people who aren’t “perfect” but the Special Olympics gives everyone a chance to be a winner and a chance to be their best.  It celebrates the fact that we are all worth everything, that we all count and deserve a chance to try to be our best.   It is simultaneously what makes the president’s comment insensitive and stupid and what keeps me from getting too worked up about it.  None of us are perfect,  Barak Obama no exception, and no one is well served by the destructive politics that has reared its ugly head in our Nation this fall.  Picking up this one moment of stupidity isn’t useful unless it  is used intelligently to say something worth saying.

People with disabilities have much to offer our society and the Special Olympics has much to offer them.  So if you are so inclined, or if you have your dander up on this point please take a moment and donate to the Special Olympics while there you might want to read what they have say on the Obama/Leno thing.

H/T to Hotair for the Sarah Palin video and the challenge.

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“Every Sandwich Tells a Story”

But Subway won’t will let kids tell theirs if they are in a home school.

I heard about this in an email and was all set to be up in arms about it until I read that the grand prize was $5000 worth of athletic equipment for the child’s school.  I don’t think we really could make good use of the athletic equipment, at least not 5k worth.  That said, sure Subway could have worded the ad sensibly and more sensitively or even allowed the homeschooled students to designate an elementary school to benefit, but  I don’t think this was meant as a slight against homeschoolers.