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40 Trash Bag Lenten Challenge

Ash Wednesday is February 17, 2010.   Next week.   I am looking forward to it.

We are doing the 40 trash bag thing.  Really,  I know it might sound a little bit insane that I can actually rid my family of 40 bags of stuff each year, but we manage to do it.

Last year’s Lenten Challenge

I know this has been making the rounds this year again and I really appreciate all the wonderful families that join with ours in doing this.  If you would like me to link to your blog just leave a comment and I will add you in.  This year I will be sending out reminders via twitter at simplycatholic1.  Last year I set up a facebook page and you can also connect there.  And here of course is where I will be posting my progress.

So, this weekend I am picking up a few boxes (for books and such) and I am excited to start this on Wednesday.

This year’s bags:

Monday the 22nd – Friday the 26th : A bag of Ashley’s clothing, A bag of Rachel clothing, A bag from the boy’s room, two bags of toys.

Saturday the 20th: A bag of Kyle’s clothing.

Friday the 19th: A bag of clothing from the girl’s room

Thursday the 18th: A bag of clothing from the girls’ room.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow.  The first bag is going to come from my closet – clothing.   Update: This bag took me about 10 minutes.  I didn’t let myself over think the items I was putting in the bag.  I would love to wear some of the stuff again (if I lost 30 pounds) or some things I have hardly worn… but if I hardly wear them why keep them?   I literally put  two dresses in the bag that I have never worn and I let myself part with the chiffon dress I made for Ashley’s Christening and have worn about twice since.   I have been hanging onto this thing for almost 18 years when it could be someone’s favorite dress.  So I let it go.

4 thoughts on “40 Trash Bag Lenten Challenge

  1. I’m Jewish, but I’m taking part in your challenge. I started this morning with my closet. Thanks for the idea, and letting me be a part of “Lent”.

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